On the Verge 10-Day Yoga Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 7

Day 6: Flow

30 min - Practice


The breath arises first, the movement is an offering to the breath. This fluid, accessible class encourages you to find your own rhythm and groove to it. We find space in the hips, move through modified Sun Salutes with hamstring stretches, lunges, and heart opening, and flow through standing poses to find strength and stability in the shoulders, hips, and legs. We close in sweet twists before Savasana. You will feel light and easeful.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Nov 26, 2021
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great class - enjoyed the invitation to personalise the practice. many thanks.
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I enjoyed the rhythm and flow and pace of this wonderful practice.
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Excellent class!
Thank YOU for connecting, Matthew! Am glad my invitation was well-received— personalization is the final frontier! 
Am thrilled you enjoyed, Martha! Rhythm and flow are the mother tongue of the body! Hope you join me for some of the other practices, if not all! Be well!
Thanks so much, Lina! Hope you join me for some of the other practices in the series— let me know how they land!
I LOVE this series. thank you for sharing your practice with us. I have been practicing for 25 years and have had more of a slow-burning flame with asana practice (rather than fast and hot) and today was the FIRST time I connected with the deep value of corpse pose and sitting meditation after practice: to experience THAT kind of peace is precious. It is everything!
Jennifer Love I'm so glad you're enjoying— and absolutely thrilled to hear that you were able to experience the sublime poetry of dying a little while living! Happy New Year— may you continue to live in Love, as Love...
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wonderful. very expansive. felt GREAT first thing in the am.
Elissa P This is great to hear! Wishing you an expansive day— no, YEAR!
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