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Season 1 - Episode 3

Day 2: Karma Chameleon

55 min - Practice


”Through selfless service you will always be fruitful and find the fulfillment of your desires.” The Bhagavad Gita tells us that in every moment of every day we have the opportunity to unite with the Divine by offering up all of our actions selflessly in order to show up for the greater good of the world. This is Karma Yoga. Day 2 of our journey opens with verses from The Gita on Karma, before moving into a spicy practice including twists, core work, and stabilizing standing poses in preparation for challenging arm balances and inversions to release our attachment to Ego and outcome.  We meditate with Garuda mudra, and are encouraged to explore several journaling prompts to further our inquiry into this integral step in our to spiritual liberation.

In this video, Jasmine references the Eknath Easwaran version of The Bhagavad Gita.

What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket, Block (2)


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Welcome back everyone. I'm so excited to continue our journey through the Bhagavad Gita and it's timeless lessons that I find are just so beneficial for our lives today. So we explored thoroughly what it means to get in touch with our dharma for me. So much of my practice brought me back to there. I had forgotten who I was and by coming back to my practice, just simply into my body, into my breath, there's this remembrance. There's this remembrance. Oh, I remember I had gone so far away from who I truly was. So this coming back is essential. So that's dharma. And it's really simply put, how do we show up and do our part in the whole, like we discussed, it's not only personal, but how who we are can benefit the world. So that is called actually karma yoga. So yoga meaning how we can unite to the essence of who we are, the divinity within us, the divinity that exists within the universe, using our work in the world. And so for those of us who aren't drawn towards more monastic practices, our daily living the daily, the simplest of actions from doing the dishes can be part of karma yoga, our work in the world can be part can be karma yoga. And then of course, we can take on specific roles of being able to be of service selflessly in the world. So taking apart karma simply means an action that which is to be done and the consequences of everything that we do. So that's why we want to use everything in our lives to lead to our spiritual liberation. So I think especially the Bhagavad Gita was so much about people like us who were in the world who wanted to be liberated. I think before that, there was this draw towards you have to leave your family, you have to leave your lives and go off into the mountains and study with a great sage and only you can be free. But all the rest of us, well, we're bound. So these teachings are so essential about how we can use our very lives and what we do as spiritual practice, especially if we can't devote long, you know, stretches of time to devote to spiritual practice. So when we can just begin to kind of pick apart this cause and effect, you know, that how we do something is what's going to be liberative. So some of my favorite slokas, they're called or verses in the Gita, Krishna just keeps singing to Arjuna. If you want to be free Arjuna, if you want to be free, perform every action as worship, perform every action as worship. So whatever it is that we're doing can be made of how can I do this as an act of service. So for me, this transforms my whole household, if you're like me or not with so many things around the house, and I have a child and I have so many responsibilities to my mother, to my home, to the world around me, to my students. If I'm only doing things to strengthen my ego or for what I'm going to get out of it, I'm really going to suffer. I know that so much stress and anxiety in my life is caused by, you know, what am I going to get and holding on or even in Sanskrit, the cliches that ends up coming up in our minds, you know, the great obstacles of attachment and aversion of I don't want to do this thing, but I have to do it, right? Or I only want to do this thing, what we're drawn towards and what we're repelled by. So this kind of evens out the playing field of just performing everything, whether you don't like to do the dishes or vacuum or the type of work that you do, everything we get to do as worship. So that can translate so much to on our mats, right, where we can see there's some poses and practices that we really love, others we're really adverse to. So I make sure I put in a good dose of really challenging poses, so I can really confront myself and perform them as well as I can, no matter what. So let's go ahead and just get seated. It's nice to share in the verses of these spiritual texts in a way that's of active listening and this sva-dyaya, the self-study. So I love how in chapter 3 on Karma Yoga, this again is Aknot Ashwaran's translation of the Bhagavad Gita, talks about this essence of Karma Yoga, not only for what we do, but how nature is constantly in the process of action, just like we are and we're no different than the rain falling, doing its job to allow things to grow and the sun rising, doing its part and this is what makes the whole universe function. So this starts chapter 3 verse 8, fulfill all of your duties. Action is better than inaction, even to maintain your body Arjuna, you're obliged to act. Selfish action imprisons the world, act selflessly without any thought of personal profit. At the beginning humankind, the obligation of selfless service were created together. Through selfless service, you will always be fruitful and find the fulfillment of your desires. Honor and cherish the devas, the deities, the vinnities, as they honor and cherish you. Through this honor and love, you will attain this goodness. All human desires are fulfilled by the devas who are pleased by selfless service. But anyone who enjoys the things given without offering themselves and selfless acts in return is actually a thief. Every selfless act Arjuna, all life turns on this law. And then he continues with one of my favorite verses in chapter 4 verse 36 that we can transform ourselves no matter where we've been, no matter what we've done, you know, Krishna even goes, even if you were the, you know, worst sinner of sinners and you didn't know how your actions were causing you and the world extreme suffering, you can turn that around by how you do your actions now. So that's why I feel what we do now is so potent because not only does it have the power to kind of clear out our past karmas and things that we've done, you can kind of think of some things that you did that you know, you know, brought about suffering to yourself and others. So if we do things out of pure love, if we give ourselves now selflessly, it can transform that so it doesn't continue in this pattern. We talked about cause and effect, but it only it also has the power to affect our future. So it can be again, this liberative action, even if you were the most sinful of sinners Arjuna, you could cross beyond all sin by the raft of selfless action. As the heat of a fire reduces wood to action to ashes, the fire of selfless service burns to ashes, all karma, nothing in the world purifies like selfless service. It is the perfection achieved in time through the path of yoga, the path which leads to the self within. So take those messages deep into your heart and set up for your practice where we will kind of explore how we can do what we do on the mat, even in meditation cushion as an offering rather than from what we're going to get. So let's get started in a comfortable cross legged position. So you may want to put some padding underneath your sit bones, or a block even sit on your heels, whatever, however it is that's most comfortable for you, because we're going to start with some breathing. It's important to keep the spine as long as possible. So from here, you want to sit up nice and tall, rooting down through the sit bones and extend your arms as high as they'll go. And then we're going to take it right into a twist to the right side. So tent your right fingertips to the floor behind you, your left hand rooting down the right knee. And then you do want to allow the belly to fill up. So we're going to do some Kapalabhati breathing. So it's a cleansing Kriya, and this is meant to have the feeling of renouncing our attachments to our actions. So it's a real purification and a real cleansing that can begin to happen within the body within our minds, and then hopefully straight out into the way we live our lives. So the belly is going to come out at the breath in is pretty passive, and then the exhale is going to be kind of forceful renouncing. So it'll look like this. And you can watch for maybe a couple of pumps and then join me when you're ready. You'll sit up nice and tall again, breathing in, lips are closed, and then the exhales are going to be through the nose. So go ahead and join me. Begin to slow it down 54321 and then hold for a moment hold the breath out drop the chin in even squeeze the pelvic floor a little bit contracting that stillness that emptiness and even peace. And then from here allow the left shoulder to move towards the left knee and sway the right arm up and over your head so that you can get lots of space there between the ribs and the lungs as you reach out even offer the fruits of your actions. From here circle into yourself so you can take the right hand to the left knee move a little bit from side to side you can breathe into the kidneys and to the hips or anywhere that feels stuck. I even like to give myself a hug here as you can drop the head and go a little bit deeper. And then from here you're going to rise on up so right into eagle arms you can start by taking the backs of the hands together or if it's comfortable you'll take the palms continuing to weave them around each other until you sit up so you can breathe in all the way to the height of the inhale take a deep full breath in here and then exhale take your twist over to the other side so you'll set up nice and tall again breathing into your belly and then we'll go for about another 20 pumps of kapala bati. Bati means to shine and kapala is the skull so it really starts of course in our in our heads our thinking so breathing in and you're going to begin to slow it down for another five four three two and one and then again hold you can even pull the belly in and up it gives a little massage to the heart as you drop the chin so all of these bhandhas or locks in the body are activated and then soften the right shoulder towards the right knee and extend the left arm up and over your head so you can actively draw that right thigh down to get as much space in your left side waist take a big breath in and then as you exhale dive in towards yourself and again any little movements here in the hips the head the back of the heart and then from there you're going to rise up with your eagle arms maybe starting with the backs of the hands together the right arms under or continuing to wind the hands around each other sitting up for a big breath in and this time as you release you're going to take your hands to the floor behind you you can move your padding out to the side now your feet out and in front of you root down through the hands and feet and then offer your hips your heart up to the sky even stick out your tongue and breathe out through the mouth nice purifying lion's breath as you soften your sitting bones to the ground give a big hug of your knees in towards your chest so you can rock forward onto the sitting bones allow the heart center to lift maybe parallel the shins towards the ground to start and then we're going to start right away by offering up the pose so it's not so much about what am I going to get but for me everything transforms when I do whatever I do as an offering so you can continue to give everything over in the pose and yourself and then from here cross your ankles you can swing the legs behind you if you'd like or roll right over your shins onto your hands and knees spread the palms really wide right underneath your shoulder so you're always aligning your joints drop your belly as you breathe in to look up and then from here tuck your toes under and then you'll flip it right away lifting your hips up to the sky as you root down through your hands and feet into downward facing dog in this pose can become an offering as we transform our actions not what we do but really how we do it that can truly transform our lives as you inhale roll out into your plank pose press the ground away still feel that lift up into the belly that fire of transformation that we lit up and then from here soften your knees your chest and chin to the earth for a shtanga namaskar and then drop your bellies and offer up the fruits of your practice today into a full pranam from here you're going to take your elbows directly underneath your shoulders we're going to come on up for a sphinx pose so it's pretty subtle it's a small it's not one of the biggest actions but it's breathing into the back of the heart so you do want to draw the shoulders back and feel like you're pulling the heart forward and take a couple of breaths there the chin can drop down the throat moving into the back of the neck eyes can soften and then from here tuck your toes under you want to stretch back through the heels forward through the chest and then we're going to add that big lift up from the belly right into a forearm plank so take a deep breath in and then allow the exhale to lift you up you can find a little bit of a tilt of the tailbone that really does stretch back through the legs finding all of those inner locks of energy but from here we're going to take a twist starting with coming on over to the outer edge of the right foot and stack your feet so that you're feeling this inner rotation the bottom of the spine there and then from here you're welcome to tent the left fingertips to press into the ground and lift up feeling those obliques or muscles on the side of the abdomen and then come back through center point your toes back into a sphinx pose lift the chest as a big breath in here tuck your toes under and again you're going to find that lift up from the belly twist on over to the left so come on over to the outer edge of the left foot stack your feet and then if you'd like to add in the right fingertips press the ground away lift open through the hips and then come on back through center drop your belly drop your head rise up cobra as you breathe in and then hands and knees into downward dog as you breathe all the way out from here lift the right leg high up to the sky as you inhale as you exhale you're going to come across at a twist so tap your left elbow with your right knee inhale swing it all the way back up exhale take a perch with the right knee to the outer edge of the right elbow inhale extend the right leg high curl in towards your center and then drop your right foot right between your hands inhale peel the right arm open to the sky take a big breath in and then extend the right arm forward towards the front of your mat release the right hand down and then straighten out through the right leg as far as it'll go parallel the toes and begin to walk your hands towards center on this first one you can bend the right knee and the left knee letting your head drop and then take your right hand center and peel the left arm open to the sky bend your knees we're going to take that same eagle arm action so weave the left arm underneath the right and lift yourself up rising up to the height of your inhale and then take your toes out your heels in bend the knees and you're going to sink down into goddess pose dropping into this again this transformative fire sinking down inhale to rise up and then burst the arms free into warrior two right leg out left toes in sinking down turn the right hand up tip all the way backwards for peaceful warrior drop that right calf into the shin and then circle your hands down to frame the right foot and step back into downward facing dog roll forward into a plank pose as you inhale lower yourself down as you exhale so it can be in one piece or knees chest and chin anytime rising up for cobra breathing in and downward facing dog as you breathe out as you inhale extend the left leg high exhale take the left knee and tap it to the right elbow swing it up as you breathe in left knee to the left elbow one more time up in high breathing in and then step right between your hands to pick up the left arm and twist extend your left arm forward take a big breath in and then lengthen out through the left leg parallel the toes and walk center bending the knees from side to side before you twist with the left hand center and the right arm up to the sky you can tent the fingertips for a little bit of height and then snake the right arm underneath the left bend the knees deeply so that you can draw everything up from the soles of the feet reaching high toes out heels in bend the knees and sink into your goddess pose take a big breath in you can rise up and then burst the arms out freeing and letting go of all those attachments that keep us bound peaceful warrior from there arching backwards circle the hands down for plank pose this time it's chaturanga as you bend the elbows lift the belly up keep the chest open and then come onto the tops of the feet for upward dog or cobra thighs will lift arms will lengthen and then downward facing dog as you breathe out so we're going to add on to that pattern or sequence as we're changing our patterns in our lives twist open with the right arm stepping the right foot forward see if you can smooth out the movements and come right into the twist left arm up bend the knees rise up into your eagle arms turn your toes out sink down into goddess warrior two as you breathe out peaceful warrior as you inhale this time lengthen out through the right leg and reach out for triangle pose so i'm a big fan of using a block here placing it to the outer edge of your right foot so that the knee can stay nice and stabilized as you begin to reach the left arm up to the sky take a couple of breaths here rolling the shoulders back again pressing down into the earth that connection to our lives and then offering up up whatever it is we do bend through the right knee for extended side angle so your forearm can find your thigh as you reach your left arm up again rooted in the earth but free as you offer up that left arm circle the left arm behind you see if you can find the inside of the right thigh and lean back and then one more great gesture of giving it all away from here you can grab a hold of your block take it to the front right corner of your mat pick up the left leg for arda chondrosana half moon a little softness again through the right leg so that you can give it all away and almost dissolve into the shape where we cease to be the doers one more big breath in and then from here you're going to bend through both knees drop the left foot behind the right and offer the arms up behind you into a cosmic curtsy or omg your feet will come together as you drop your hips and wing the arms up for katasana and then come on up to stand and you're going to hug the right knee right into your chest so this analogy of a tree pose what we plant everything that's in a seed we thought it's what behind what we do you can plant the right foot into the left thigh and take a couple moments here to arrive take your hands onto your heart and then again rooted and freeze you offer the arms up staying here for those of you that want to add on we teach us to be you lift the right knee reach the leg out to the side maybe even let go of your hands drop the right foot behind the left omg plank pose as you breathe in and then from here we'll take side plank so you want to come onto the outer edge of the left foot on this one maybe tent the right fingertips and then again all of these great offering gestures of these great fruits tree pose can be there the leg can lift it can even drop back behind you and then circle back around to either rinse out the action through the vinyasa clearing out or into the breath with your downward facing dog so let's get ready for the left side as you breathe in lift the left leg up and high step forward between your hands and lift the left arm up twisting from the belly and lengthen the left arm forward parallel the toes left hand center right arm up bend your knees right arm underneath the left rise up eagle arms toes out heels in goddess as you breathe out inhale to rise up and exhale warrior two as you breathe out peaceful warrior inhale and arch all the way back straighten out through the left leg and then begin to reach forward for triangle pose again reaching for the block if you have one press deeply into the right hand so that we're always having this connection to our worldly material life and at the same time this liberation so we're not bound by our actions but actually liberated by them um extended side angle you'll transition by keeping the left hip moving back but bend deeply through that left shin extend the right arm forward maybe placing your forearm lightly on top of your thigh press back through the right foot reach as much as you can with the right hand but slide the shoulder away from the ear and then circle the right arm behind you to find that half bind leaning back and then reach forward with the left arm transition into your arda chandrasana by moving your hand or your block to the front left corner of your mat a little bending so that you can press down and offer up the pose by rooting down and reaching up taking a few breaths here in this i like to feel like my whole body is a hand offering up everything i do one more big breath in and then drop the right foot behind the left weighing your arms back behind you bowing your head feet together arms up for ukkatasana this time shift the weight into the right foot hug the left knee into your chest first finding your balance and then taking the left knee out to the side planting your foot deeply into your right thigh or to the ankle just avoiding that knee joint your hands on your heart for a couple moments and then extending the arms out nice and again engaged in the world but not of it as the arms can extend outward adding on that left leg if you're ready let's see if you can press down deeply through the right foot extend the left leg you can look out past the right hands maybe letting go of the foot and then drop it back behind you bowing your head again as your palms come down for your plank pose and preparing for side plank on the outer edge of the right foot twisting on over to the right stack the feet on top of each other first and then either tenting out through those left fingertips for a little kickstand support or pressing down to open up and the more you let go the lighter the pose becomes and you're ready to go this becomes any variations you'd like to explore here and then making your way back through center either to downward dog or dance with your breath through the vinyasa and we'll meet in downward facing dog you can take a deep breath in here through the nose a big exhale through the mouth and then bend your knees deeply look forward you can play with a couple of hops here and then you're going to play with seeing if you can hop your feet to the outside of the hands you can also step step of course and you'll land in a squat or malasana if this is too much for the hips or the ankles you're free to take a block underneath your sitting bones to allow the spine to lengthen and then we're going to check out a couple arm balances here and even the opportunity for a headstand so again these kind of more challenging poses aren't you know to strengthen our egos but to actually let go of our egos so that we can be free of these attachments that we have to get something right right the tyranny of the mind that judges so much so you can begin to shift the weight forward take your hands out and in front of you I like to keep a block here behind me and if you'd like to try it you're welcome to so you can take your heels right to the block shift the weight forward into your hands really grip the sticky mat so you're nice and rooted and then the lift or the freedom is going to come from the belly so you can walk your feet to the block if you'd like and then maybe even lift the feet so you can play around with your bakasana if you'd prefer to stay in malasana you're welcome to today just depending on the day and if you'd like to move on towards exploring this tripod headstand you'll take your bakasana again and this is a big old letting go of your ego of your head so you've got to find all that lift we've been playing with at our center and then as gently as you can release your head into this perfect triangle a tripod you can stay here or if you'd like to play with lengthening the legs you'll press down through the hands and really stretch up through the feet on the way down bend your knees see if you can come up with as much discipline as you can or fall out of it of course and then see if you can come back to crow and you'll release down so you can straighten out through the legs here and flutter through the lips letting go of that one even twirling out through the wrists is fine and then one last big pose before um we take it down so this one's firefly or titibasana and I really like this because it's like a fire ceremony where we make these offerings into the fire and it really does come from that navel so your arms are going to come on the inside of your knees two blocks if you have them right behind the heels so it's nice and supported and then how we've been kind of using our arms I like to kind of think this as like attachment and what breeds so much anxiety this attachment towards these outcomes but hold everything so so tight and then from here you can play with bursting the legs out no matter what happens if you fall or not and then your feet can come behind you you can play with that a couple times or if it's especially if it's new it really challenges our minds and then make your way back into downward facing dog taking a couple of breaths to allow yourself to come back and then we'll take it down with the right leg coming high and then allow that right shin to come forward for pigeon so all of that intense work that we did we're just gonna let it go a blanket underneath that right hip if you need and lift and open your chest come forward onto your forearms and exhale to release and just coming right back into the breath you're welcome to take it into a twist left arm threading underneath and then the right arm extending long and then begin to walk your way back so if there's a back bend you'd like to take in there you can reach for that left foot sliding the heel towards your hip maybe offering the right arm up stepping back into downward dog and prepare for the left side you can reach your left leg up and high and then sliding your shin in towards parallel with the front of the mat walk your hands back to lift and open the chest and then exhale to come forward maybe starting out on your forearms and allowing your head to release and then maybe taking it into the twist on your way back really ground down through that left hand fingertips maybe explore the back bend in the shape by picking up the right foot heel towards your sitting bone and the left arm up to the sky and this time as you're ready to let this one go shift the weight into the left hip and take your legs out and in front of you so from here with your feet on the earth lower down onto your backs knees towards each other take a couple of breaths here you can take the soles of your feet together opening the arms there are a couple moments of this goddess pose the complete surrender and offering of your body and when you're ready begin to lengthen your legs and a blanket or some padding if you had in your pie can roll underneath your knees as you allow your arms to release wide out to the side for today and your legs taking up the space to fully surrender an active letting go after the next couple breaths you even let go of your breath and allow yourself to be breathed continue to let the weight of your body dissolve into the earth and this great freedom from attachment then begin to move your fingers and toes and come back into your body into your life as it is and stretch your arms up and over your head and then take a big hug of your knees into your chest all embracing hug and then you can roll over to your right side or rock on up to sit taking a moment before this transition back into your life and how you can use all of your duties everything you have to do in the rest of your day as spiritual practice take a deep breath in together and bow down to the divine within one another so let's prepare for our meditation if you need to make your seat a little bit more comfortable feel free to raise your seat with some extra padding or sometimes even covering yourself up with a shawl or a sweater to stay warm as we sit together for a while and we are going to do a little chanting so I always like to have my mala beads anything to create a sacred space around yourself so we're going to start today's meditation with Garuda Mudras we were just doing all of these great eagle arms and this for me the eagle always represents freedom from this vast being able to take flight with those magnificent wings and then always land birds anyway are both in the world in the material world on the planet and then also up in the sky so I feel like the Gita's teachings really really really allow me the more that I've I've dove into them and practice the teachings of freer I get to feel in my life so with the mudra you can just take your right hand behind your left the wrist can cross and then you're going to hook the thumbs together and then you can place your hands on top of your heart draw your shoulders back to lift and open the chest and then of course the breath can begin to expand as wide as your wingspan of your hands up into your armpits and your lungs and your ribs your chin can drop down a little bit really feel your sitting bones rooted into the earth because this path of karma yoga is for people who are rooted in the world uh not so much for monastics so here we are in our lives as they are with whatever's going on there's so many challenges of course globally and we've all been struck personally a lot recently so so take a few breaths here to bring your awareness onto your breath but also the awareness of your body and also your awareness of the world so in this meditation see if you can keep your eyes just a slit open so the gaze is halfway inward but not closing yourself out to the rest of the world let's see if your lips can be gentle the softness of course we may be in our lives and tinsa these practices teach us to relax and then finding your breath i know i have felt at times you know i'll be free i'll be happy when this changes when that changes if this person would change if i had this but the Gita teaches us that we can experience liberation and freedom within all of those things we can find this with our breath by showing up performing our duties and our part in the world as our dharma even the simple gesture of our meditation you can bring our awareness towards how we show up for it and why especially if your mind latches on to things you have to do bring it back back to the breath to what you're doing which is sitting and breathing the Gita talks a lot about this inaction in action even if you find sensations coming up in the body let's see if you can also find the spaciousness of your breath and how we can transform what we do into this selfless action and even further our work into selfless service we come to our practice and to receive these incredible gifts not to just keep for ourselves but to turn them around and be of service to do our part to give so take one more deep breath in and then you can allow your hands to open up and rest on your knees your palms open this offering of your self after your practice may be a little more peaceful your body a little more open your mind how we can give these qualities to the people in our lives and as you sit here see if you can bring your mind towards some of your greatest qualities we all have them our minds can go so much into what we don't have and this compare especially as we get to discover our dharma what's so unique about who you are are that you can use as an offering what are those unique qualities that you have if your hands can open and offer them remembering it's not perfecting somebody else's qualities but really honoring and owning yours and then after the next few moments you can go ahead and reach for your journal if you have one by your side and i'd like you to just start by jotting down you know what are my greatest qualities what are my even my unique qualities is how can i use these qualities to be of service i can even say today just for today another question you might ask is you know how do i feel when i do something and i desperately want something in return i want compliments even if it's something like posting on facebook wanting likes and you don't get them just to remember how it breeds so much pain and suffering when we do something out of attachment if we send a text and we don't get anything back just these simple ways


we see how this attachment to wanting something in return can


cause so much anxiety so much stress the final question can be you know how can i be of service today really when it comes to selfless service showing up to be able to give you know instead of these days of selfies i love how you know that can seem kind of narcissistic and look at me look at me if we can you know put all that away for moments and see how can i give of myself to the world and to others to people in my life and this is at the true heart i believe of these practices and so really this connection between our dharma who are we what are we meant to do and then how can we live our lives in alignment with that the work we do in the world and so we'll take the next few moments and you can continue to write if you're moved or you can put your journals away and i'll see you for the next practice


Kate M
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To let go of past regrets... and act more mindfully in the present. So often I get stuck feeling bad about my past mistakes... but how else can we learn? Karmayoga. Doing. Beautiful practice. Thank you Jasmine.
Renee R
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Thank you so much Jamine for sharing your gift. It is much appreciated!
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Adore this xx the flow, the words, the style of teaching, the heart. Thank you so much xx
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Renee R Thank you and so happy you are enjoying the practices! 
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Amanda Thanks you! So happy you are enjoying the Gita Retreat.
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Kate M Oh my goodness, it's SO hard to let go and forgive ourselves but I've learned when we know better we do better. It's all about what we do now and trying not to repeat past mistakes. xoxo
Patsy L
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This was exactly what I needed today. Thank you for breaking the Gita down and integrating asana/mudras/mantra with it. Can't wait for the next episode!
Brenda S
Thank you for reminding me the importance of not only doing this practice for my body and mind , but as an offering to the universe and those I encounter each moment AND bringing awareness into my every action. Namaste 📿 
Lia S
Thank you Dear Jasmine for these words, asanas, thoughts and gentle instructions and for all of your presents you put into the practice. i find your teaching style is  beautiful, creative and full of love. thank you so much!
Jenny S
Dear Jasmine ❤️ I’m so happy to finally be feeling mentally and physically ready to dive deeply into this retreat…I originally did episode 1 when it was first offered, but afterwards I realized that my body and soul were too depleted to do the practice justice.  This morning I reviewed the talk and meditation from episode one, and I’ve just now completed the second episode.  What a joy this was!  Your positive energy buoyed my spirits and I savored each part of the practice.  Thank you so much for bringing this here 💐

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