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During times of crisis it takes incredible courage to show up in the world and be who you are. This course, A Gita Retreat: The Power of Purpose and Practice, will help you become aligned with your unique purpose and live with devotion, receiving infinite love and support from the cosmos, and transforming your actions into selfless service to become a healing agent in the world. Together, we’ll strengthen our bodies, open our hearts, and awaken our minds to rise up and show up, in service of a higher purpose.
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Yet another fantastic new offering from you and the good people of Yoga Anytime!  I'll NEED to take this Gita Retreat after the holidays for sure - in the meantime I'm brushing up by listening to Ravi Ravindra's talk course on the Gita while wrapping, cooking and cleaning :). This time of year is kind of a metaphoric battle of its own!
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Just did the first class. My god it was relevant and I am so grateful for these teachings. Loved the asana too! xx
Jenny S Thank you for all you supportive comments on the shows! I'm so happy you are enjoying the teachings and practices.
Amanda Yes, these teachings are so relevant right now and are so helpful through times of challenge and crisis. So happy you loved the practice :) 

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