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Yoga Sutras of Patanjali Artwork
Season 11 - Episode 2

Sutra 2.18

85 mins - Talk


We journey through sutra 2.18: prakasha kriya sthiti shilam bhuta indriya atmakam bhoga apavarga artham drishyam. This sutra invites us to dive deeper into sankhya yoga, revisiting the tattvas and ganas, and discussing the concept of the Seer and the Seen, the alliance between them, and how to break that alliance. The experience of life is a series of events that lead us to education, enjoyment, and emancipation, through which we may find balance and harmony.

Please see the attached .PDFs to follow along with James.

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Aug 19, 2022
Jnana, Raja
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The steps to transformation are just as interesting and exciting as the destination, ultimate reality.  It's just our desire to get somewhere, achieve something, that makes us, me anyway, not see the rich experiences of the journey.  I like a car or train journey, why can't I savour / enjoy my inner journey?  I am going to ponder that point...thank you James for putting that in such clear language, as always
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Wowwwww I will need to come back to this many times for sure! I'm very interested in trying to understand more about sankya.. thank you for this exposition / exploration!

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