The 7-Day Handstand Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 7

Day 6: Orienting in Space

25 min - Practice


In our Handstand practice, we are continually checking in with ourselves to see where we are in space. This sense of proprioception helps us feel safe in our bodies and in our pose. In Day 6 we explore exercises that will help us tune in to that internal sense, and move towards a whole-body integrated approach to our inversion. You will feel focused and confident.
What You'll Need: Mat, Strap, Block (2)


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Another transformative practice for me!  The transition from half moon into ‘handstand hops’ revealed a lot and helped me gain better awareness of my body orientation - I stayed in this to allow it to soak in! I know I will return to and playi with all of the practices way beyond the 7 day challenge. Thanks for making the practice so accessible. 🙏 
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This handstand work recruits... EVERYTHING!   : )
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Hi Allison, I feel all the work of the challenge is paying off for me I have found my heels generally bouncing off the wall on kick-ups (I still most definitely need a wall for the full inversion) and I will need to paint over (and possibly even fill in ) the indentations which have appeared on my wall . But I have gained a lot of control over my body when upside down and also confidence after all these classes and I find really exciting moments of perfect balance......! Many thanks 🙏 
Another informative and fun practice! And OMG legs up the wall felt so nice after all that upper body inversion work. Like, I could have literally had my legs up the wall for the rest of the morning lol 😌

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