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Allison Ray Jeraci

Allison Ray Jeraci


We love Allison's creative, playful, and innovative approach to sharing yoga. Her enthusiasm, encouragement, and warmth gives us permission to explore, get curious, and embrace support.

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Allison is a vivacious yoga teacher who explores dissecting movement patterns in yoga-asana, using props for accessibility and exploration and then coalescing these components into a fun and delightfully challenging practice. For her, learning and sharing what she learns along the way is the highlight of her teaching. She's spent over two decades in the movement industry, studying and competing internationally in Karate-do before transitioning to the world of yoga in 2010. Her background in various movement modalities informs her teaching especially the unique ways of breaking down yoga philosophy and anatomy so that they are accessible, impactful and spacious for her students. In her classes, the ethereal meets the empirical.

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