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Season 1 - Episode 8

Knee Support

30 min - Practice


In this class, we call on muscle groups around the knee - glutes, hips, legs, and feet - to do more work and avoid aggravating a knee injury. Activate the glutes in clams, leg lifts, and Vinyasas with the support of a strap around your thighs, and learn proper placement of the hips and legs in standing poses. Since some knee pain comes from tight quadriceps, Olivia shows us some stretches to create space in these muscle groups without bending the knee. Viparita karani helps relieve inflammation in the knees before settling into Savasana. You will feel strong and supported.
What You'll Need: Mat, Strap, Block (2)

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I don’t currently have any knee issues, but if/when I do, this practice will be my go-to. But this practice is also another great full-body stretch and it felt fantastic! Thank you so much for this season of “Yoga With Injuries”. I learned so much and had fun doing so. Would love to see you back with a Season 2 🤞🙏🏻❤️🥰!
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Thanks Jenny S !  Your feedback has been invaluable, letting me know that the intention of these videos matches the experience of the practitioner.  Hoping for no knee problems in your world, but sure, if that happens, this practice is here for you anytime. Wishing you a great day! (P.S. That makes two of us hopeful for a Season 2!)
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That's a great quad stretch! thanks ...I do Cannicross running with my dog and sometimes I can overbrace my knees. That stretch with the strap, prone with the block is really great!!!....I know so many people with "bad" knees that just give in to the uncomfortable feelings and end up with knee replacements.... everyone should be doing that stretch!!! GAME CHANGER!!!! have a great one....Namaste'...
Hi Tracy C! Cannicross running - that means both you and your dog are very athletic!  And fast, I'm guessing.  It might follow that your joints are experiencing a lot of impact - really good for things like bone density and strength. And so glad you are also on a stretching yoga regime to balance the body (and mind and so on!).  And super glad you like the stretch in this sequence!! Agreed, we don't want to ignore challenging knees or any other physical messages from the body. Good for you attending to all aspects - running and yoga go together nicely.  Happy Stretching for Happy Cannicrossing!
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Amazing practice, Olivia B . I have been having some knee pain recently and this sequence was pure medicine. I feel so much better and am especially appreciative of the insights you shared like the way we stand/walk affecting the knees (I recently changed to new shoes and think that is the culprit) plus the glutes affecting the knees. I used to do the "clams" and other leg lifts like you demonstrated but haven't done these in years; thank you SO much for the reminder, as they really help! 
The work with the strap was amazing as well! I'll do this practice again. 🥰
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Shawn Oh Shoes! They can be so helpful or completely the opposite! I do hope that shoes are the culprit as getting rid of them is a relatively easy fix.  Sometimes it feels wasteful not to use new shoes, but if they hurt, they can wreak so much more havoc and expense than their worth.  So good call! For the rest, yes this sequence can be good knee maintenance to treat and prevent knee pain.  I'm glad you have some past experience that supported you too so some of these concepts are reminders and not all brand new!  I appreciate the feedback.

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