Yoga with Injuries Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 7

Rest Your Wrists

30 min - Practice


Olivia guides a whole-body class with no weight bearing on the hands for days when your wrists need a break. We flow through standing poses strengthening the legs and hips and challenging the balance, work the shoulders in Dolphin, and fire up the core in floor work. You will feel invigorated and satisfied.
What You'll Need: Mat, Block

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My arms got a good wringing out. Really moved the energy. I feel vital and strong!
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Thanks Olivia!
I really enjoyed this session - it was intense at times but so much fun I actually laughed out loud twice - what could be better!
Have a beautiful day!

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Thanks Martha K ! Yes the idea was to rest the wrists but strengthen the neighbors of the wrists.  That's a path to wrist healing and wrist injury prevention as well. Important for us yogis who stand on our hands so much! Have a great day. 
Michelle F Your laughing out loud makes me chuckle!  I'm hoping it wasn't too much for you - but on the other hand, this series was designed for peeps who really do want to practice somewhat vigorously and yet need to nurse an injury at the same time. We also can avoid wrist injuries when shoulders work well.  Try it again sometime and let me know if it feels easier second time around - or not!  Have a nice day. 

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