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Season 1 - Episode 8

The Truth in Me

20 min - Practice
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To be touched by the divine we need to be as receptive as possible. Ravi leads a meditation to help us find the balance of remaining relaxed and receptive, and at the same time maintaining a good posture to create a container with our bodies that can receive the subtle energies of the divine. We carry our minds through different areas of the body with the breath, and find that placing our attention on them they feel more harmonized and integrated.
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What we need is the attitude of prayer, according to which we are, as it were, submitting ourselves to, something subtler than, we usually call it, higher than ourselves. But at the same time, the posture of meditation, so that I am more and more relaxed and searching for the truth or the presence of the divine inside me, not somewhere up there. So keeping this in mind, in order to be actually touched by the divine, again and again I have suggested that we need to be as receptive as possible. And what can be the contribution from our side is receptivity, which is assisted by more and more relaxation and finding a right posture so that the subtle energies coming from the higher levels can easily move in my organism. All this is assisted if I can again and again remind myself that I did not create myself.

I would have no idea how to create this breathing apparatus. I am being breathed by subtle conscious energies coming from the divine side. That attitude or that understanding can very much assist us not to try to conquer something, but to try to understand how can I become more and more receptive to these subtle energies. And a contribution from our side is that my energy of my mind and of my body and of my feeling, these faculties can come closer and closer to each other so that I can in fact try to carry out what my mind decides or understands is the right thing to do. So we try to watch the movement of the energy connecting these various faculties.

So bring your attention to the head. First of all, try to sense what is this sort of movement you feel inside the head, in the front of the head, in the back, on the sides, on the top. I am always surprised how different kind of vibrations are there in different parts of the head. And the bodily energies are focused and centered largely in the back with some more focus on the lower back. In the various veins going in the back, the blood moves down, goes into the various parts of the body.

And the emotional energy is much more spread out than we realize. Sometimes we have what we call a gut feeling which is much closer to the navel. Sometimes we feel that our heart is touched. Sometimes our throat is choked. So emotions are actually felt practically the whole front of the body, different kind of emotions, different kind of intensity.

So with a wish to integrate them more and more, we first of all try to follow, just trying to sense, starting from the top of the head, down the back of the head, upper back, middle back, lower back, under the buttocks, between the legs, coming in front, around the navel, chest, throat, between the eyes, forehead, and back to the top of the head. Now for a few moments continue this at your own temple, recalling the very important principle of transformation, that whatever I pay attention to changes in its quality. Easiest example is, you can try it right now, if you pay attention to your breathing, the quality of your breathing will change without forcing any change. Similarly here, as I pay attention to these energies, organic energies connecting these various faculties, paying attention to them slightly changes their quality, they are more integrated. Again a reminder, don't hold your breath outside or inside, and don't force anything.

These faculties within us are in any case somewhat connected with each other, otherwise we would not be able to survive, but their connection can be improved, more harmonized, by paying attention to them. And it's an interesting thing to actually search for here, if the tempo of my attention with which I am looking at these, is higher than the tempo of the movement of this organic energy, then a sort of uneasiness comes. And if the tempo of my attention is much slower than the organic energy, then my mind wanders away, the attention is lost. So I can actually check myself whether my attention is lost or I feel slightly more agitated, then these two tempos are not coordinated. Also I recommend that as you breathe in, essentially move your attention upward, starting from near the navel, moving up front, chest, throat, between the eyes, forehead and head, and breathing out, moving your attention downwards, back of the head, neck, upper back, middle back, lower back, and under the buttocks, between the legs.

Without feeling rushed or agitated, again and again a reminder, remaining relaxed. Again, without merely thinking about it, gradually one can begin to understand that this awareness that I bring is not only a mental idea, all the functions, thinking, bodily functions, feeling, they have their own consciousness, but this consciousness which can see all three of them comes from the spiritual side. That is a consciousness in me, not consciousness of me. And it's quite a natural tendency whenever we bring any attention, serious attention, some tensions arise in the body because one wishes to control something. So simply watch and relax.

A small amount of tension is required to maintain the right posture. A small amount of tension is required to maintain the right posture. A small amount of tension is required to maintain the right posture. This consciousness which is able to look at my various functions, as I said it does not actually belong to the functions. It is not a thinking attention. Therefore I can now not follow the movement of these energies connecting my various functions and I can bring my attention simply as if above my head, as if my house is in order and I come to the gate inviting some subtle energies to enter the house.

Try to have some awareness of the atmosphere or the presence or the energy, whatever label you like, above your head. Again a simple reminder to say that God is omnipresent. He or she or it is also there above my head and I breathe in as if I am through breathing through my skull inviting this subtle divine energies to enter into me and whatever I receive by breathing in I place that as out breath into the whole of my body right down to the toes. Breathing in through my skull, placing my out breath into the whole of my body to nourish it. Breathing in as my attention is slightly above my head inviting this divine energy, when I breathe in I can in fact say, Oh divine energy, internally I can use these words and as I breathe out bless me. Some people prefer a traditional phrase, Lord have mercy.

So you choose whatever phrase speaks to you. Take three more breaths now inviting this divine energy to bless us. Thank you.


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