Being Human Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 7

A Loving View of Self

20 min - Practice


The call is to look at myself impartially, more like how God looks at me. In this meditation, we attempt to call in an impartial view of our selves, not concerned with right or wrong, good or bad, but all-loving, the way God sees us. We focus on different regions of the body and coordinate the breath with letting blessings resonate within, quieting the mind, and returning to a sense of calm, gratitude, and wonder.
What You'll Need: No props needed


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We'll begin with a reminder of one of the expressions used by all religions that God is omnipresent. Let us take this expression seriously. If God is omnipresent, whatever we understand by God, clearly subtle and conscious energies, these energies or this God is present right here in front of us, inside us, all around us. And we are in the sight of this divine energy, which is also omniscient. So really the call to us is to look at ourselves impartially, not so much concerned about whether I am right or wrong, or I am good or bad, because this God is also said to be all loving.

So to find myself in the presence of an energy which is able to see me the way I am, what I am, as well as to very much accept me the way I am, but encourage me, enhance my quality of my being. So it's very useful to remember this is true not only when I sit in meditation, it is true each moment of my life, whatever I am doing, that I am not only in the presence of God but also in the gaze of God. Otherwise this remark that God is omnipresent makes absolutely no sense. So now I see what in me actually can look at myself more and more impartially that will be coming closer and closer to the divine look at me. So a little effort to move from my looking towards divine looking requires quieting of my wandering mind.

And realizing that the wandering mind is actually not the real seer, I try to connect with the deeper and deeper feeling in me and deeper and deeper sensation in my presence from where I can look at myself more and more impartially and assist the quality of my being, enhance a little. So I try to sense now as deeply as I can this energy in my body which is keeping this body alive with a feeling of gratitude that I am alive and also a feeling of wonder, why am I alive? And as far as I can now manage to stay with these feelings but then with that feeling now I look at the whole of my body not approving or disapproving but simply looking. Is my mind now a little bit quieter than before? And shifting my attention to my back, sensing the movement of the energy in the back, and coming in the front, especially in the area where we say I have a gut feeling slightly close to the navel, just below the navel.

And again I come back to the head. And as I breathe in, internally I say and feel, I use the word clear, and as I breathe out, staying with my mind, I use the word mind. So I am basically saying clear mind. Then I shift my attention to the back. Again breathing in, I say willing and breathing out body.

I am using the expression willing body. Then moving my attention in the front, I wish to say the expression subtle feeling, breathing in, subtle, breathing out feeling, not rushing, very slowly. So we return to the head and take your time, even if it is two or three times, you say clear mind. Coordinating these words with breathing in and breathing out. Then I shift my attention to the back with slight more emphasis on the lower back.

And two or three times I use the expression willing body, coordinating with breathing in and breathing out. Then in the front, subtle feeling. Again two or three times, coordinating these words with breathing in and breathing out. Now paying attention to the whole of my body, breathing in I use the expression bless me, breathing out I use the expression with truth, love and joy. And as if I am placing my breath into the whole of my body, my whole body is breathing in and breathing out, simply using the expression bless me with truth, love and joy.

Now again I repeat this whole little exercise twice in the head, clear head, twice in the back, willing body, twice in the front, subtle feeling. Then the whole of the body bless me with truth, love and joy, coordinating it with breathing in and breathing out. Now although internally and silently but all of us together internally, we say twice bless me with truth, love and joy. Thank you.


Kate M
This is so beautifully relaxing and inspiring.

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