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Season 1 - Episode 5

Sensing the Divine

20 min - Practice


I did not create this body, it is a benediction. How would the divine manifest in our minds, in our hearts, in our bodies? This is what we meditate on today. Ravi settles us into a steady but relaxed seat, and we move from head to toe sensing the divine energy with each breath, leaving us with a sense of compassion, humility, and acceptance.
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A simple reminder that in any spiritual practice our wish is or our effort is to connect with the subtle energies coming from the spiritual level, from higher level than the mind. And a fundamental requirement, and I'm simply repeating this, is receptivity on our part. Therefore more and more relaxation, physical relaxation, also emotional relaxation that I'm not occupied with anxiety or worry or fear or self-assertion. All our tensions are indicating self-assertion in one form or another or fear. Also intellectual relaxation. Even if I had the combined intelligence of Einstein, Aristotle, Nagarjuna and Shankara, I cannot know all there is to know. Therefore a certain willingness to be surprised and finding the right posture so that the subtle energies can move in my body without interruption. And not holding my breath outside or inside. Let me remind you a remark of Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita where he says that I am seated in the mind as well as the heart as well as the body of every human being. If we don't easily dismiss this, I wish now to see how can I... what is the indication or what sort of activity of my mind comes a little closer to the kind of quality of Krishna being in my mind. More and more awareness, clear attention, so take a moment now. Is my mind just wandering around or can I now pay attention to trying to understand Krishna's presence in my mind? We don't need to get stuck with the word Krishna, divine presence in my mind, whatever tradition one may be coming from. Then how would he manifest in my heart? Do I now have a feeling of compassion, feeling of inclusiveness of the other people, feeling of love, acceptance of the others however they may be, and some sense of service. For the betterment of humanity and our whole planet. Although we don't necessarily simply accept some of these remarks made by the great sages, but on the other hand not easily to accept them, but to see how can I relate with them. Is it really true that Krishna is seated in my mind and in my heart and in my body? What is my relationship with this? Now the presence of this divine energy in the body. Do I sense a presence of energy, life energy in my body? Remembering that I did not create this body, it is a benediction. Sometimes it is a little easier to sense the energy in the body, not of the whole body at once, but focusing on some limbs at a time. So see if I can sense the energy right now in my head. Not what thinking is taking place in the head, but just the presence of energy that the head is alive. And now focus your attention to the whole of your face in the front. Sensing the energy, reminding yourself that it is not my energy but divine energy present in my body, keeping it alive. Back, whole of the back.

Now moving my attention in the front, the chest. Abdomen. Now I try to sense the presence of this energy in my arms, both of my arms. Energy in the whole of the pelvic area. Now can I sense this divine energy in my legs?

Divine energy or subtle energy or life energy, varieties of words get used, but always reminding myself that I did not create these limbs. Now I try to sense this energy in the whole of my body, from the top of the head to the toes. And this energy is revitalized again and again each time I breathe in and breathe out. Now I try to sense the presence of this energy in my body, from the top of the head to the toes. Now again I return to sensing the energy in the head from the perspective of intellectually what will be the relationship with Krishna's energy.

More and more awareness, steady attention so that my mind is not just wandering away. And a reminder, if by chance I have become tense somewhere, to become relaxed again, and if my posture has changed to find a verticality without rigidity. And returning to the presence of this divine energy in the heart, do I feel a general feeling of compassion, acceptance of others, humility? Yes. Now, as if all these energies are integrated, sensing the life energy in my whole body, feeling of compassion, more and more awareness that I am alive and a sense of gratitude for the fact that I am alive, and a sense of wonder, why have I been created?

Yes. And whatever feels right to you as an invocation of the divine, whether you think of this in terms of Krishna or the Buddha or Christ or God, internally take a few moments of, as if asking for blessings from this divine source. May I be blessed. Thank you very much.


Kate M
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This was so very calming, so beautiful, and so gently took me into a quiet internal space. I so needed this today. Thank you.
Laura M
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Wow, that was amazing & beautiful. Thank you so much!

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