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Season 12 - Episode 1

Sutra 2.25

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James unpacks sutra 2.25: tat abhavat samyogah abhavah hanam tat drishi kaivalyam. Patanjali is telling us that in order to reach a state of all-oneness or wholeness, kaivalya, we must cultivate the absence of avidya, ignorance, by removing samyoga, the misidentification of the Self with our likes, dislikes, and experiences.
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Sep 02, 2023
Jnana, Raja
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So to 25. So here we have this word, which is a word that will recur later in the sutras, And Keval is one of the words that potentially uses to describe the state of being realized in yoga. One way we can understand Kevalya is a state of all one mess when everything is 1, everything is whole. 0 state, you might say. It's that place of clear undifferentiated impartial total perception.

And he in the 25th Sutra, Tad, this Tad refers back to the Avidya from the previous sutra. So Tad Ababa from the Ababa, the non becoming, the absence, the removal of Avidya, son yoga, also the above her of son yoga. Harnum This means the removal, means of the So what's potentially saying? The, the, the, the, the, the, it's all all oneness. It's k value. It's being able to see completely clearly is brought about by the removal of the son yoga by the removal of the Avidya.

So when we're looking at the the sutra, we can say that removal of the pain is to be removed is the disappearance, the dissolution, the fading away the non becoming of Avidya, which also means the non becoming, the fading away the disappearance of the sun yoga. So we have these two steps from the absence of a video, there is the absence, the removal of sanyoga. And from that, we have Kevalya, the all oneness of the seer of the conscious essence. Now, sometimes people see this sort of thing. It's potentially in a very, perhaps, uncharacteristic way.

Using more words than required here, is it not just enough to say that is it not just enough to say from the removal of Vidyard, then we can get to that state of Kyvalia, but potentially very clear, it's painstakingly thoroughly, he said, From the absence of Avidyard, there is the absence of sun yoga. He's already emphasized that this sun yoga is where we find ourselves. Avidya is the underlying field. So we're on this field in which we are subject to partiality and not seeing the whole picture, but in that context, we get into this sun yoga. And what this means is we mentioned earlier, because we experienced San yoga, we have to practice yoga, not the yoga, not but yoga.

We have to practice that balanced state. But what can happen is that we can get glimpses of yoga We can experience your we're gonna have these transcendent experiences, these beautiful experiences, but it's not that we will have completely removed that pain is to be removed because as long as Avidyard persists, then the ground is fertile, for those en measurements, those bonds to grab us and enchangers and confuses again and further. In a compound way, if that makes sense. Today, it's late April here in England, and today, It's not just today. I have been giving some attention to a little bit of soil behind the house where I will be transplanting some seeds I planted.

I planted them undercover almost a month ago now, and it's around, like, it's the full moon tomorrow. I wanted to plant them today, but the bind weed network under the soil is more extensive than I had realized. And as I went to prepare the soil, that soil is a fertile ground. I can grow lovely food there, but all sorts of weeds can also invade that space And as long as that soil is there, it's a fertile ground for weeds as well as for broad beans and courgettes and lettuce and all those other things looking forward to transplanting. Similarly, as long as Avidya persists, even if I come out of Sun yoga, It's not like I've completed the jigsaw.

It's not like I've completed the game. So potentially is making clear here that Sun yoga is the immediate thing we need to extricate ourselves from, but as long as there's that substrate of a video, even if we feel like we're extricated from the sun yoga, there's still gonna be a lot more work to do. And another thing that I find really explicit in this sutra where it seems like there's this double emphasis. What potentially is saying here is don't get caught up by treating the symptoms Always do what we can to take things down to the root cause. Remember, we always work from gross to subtle. So we start where we are.

It's always very beautiful, and practical, New York. We just start where we are. But then with that spirit of inquiry with Tapahas, Fataya, Ishweta Pranidana, with that light of yogic discipline. With that steady inquiry, that curiosity, we keep probing. We keep exploring. So, yes, wherever we are, that's where we begin, but return it is emphasizing here.

Always as best as we can, go down to the roots. Yes. We can, you know, there's all those weeds on the surface. I can just cut them back, and it can look like, for example, the plot of earth I'm preparing. I could weed it on the surface, and it could look like it's pristine and ready to receive my seeds. But I know that if just underneath the surface, there's all these strong wheat networks ready to sprout up again, if I plant my seeds in there, it's not gonna work out anywhere near as well as it might.

So, yes, we want to bring about the absence of sanyoga, which means that we need to focus on cultivating the absence of a video. Okay. How? That's what's coming next.


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