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Season 13 - Episode 1

Sutra 2.33

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In sutra 2.33, vitarka badhane pratipaksha bhavanam, Patanjali tells us that in order to avoid needless suffering and to work towards harmony and equipoise in our lives, we must cultivate different perspectives from those that we are conditioned to.
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Feb 03, 2024
Jnana, Raja
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So what to do when we find ourselves being drawn to act in ways that would go against yamaniyaman. Sutra 33. So Pratipaksha Pavanan is a big concept, which is gonna be elaborated in the next sutra to some significant degree, but also really through the rest of the chapter, to some degree, through the rest of the sutras. What is Pretipaksha? So Paksha means wing. So Pretipaksha kinda means the opposing wing.

In Indian philosophical discourse, the Pretipaksha means the opposing view or a different viewpoint. Remembering that Boag is a darshener, a way of seeing, and yoga is inviting us to invite our own way of seeing to become wider, faster, more inclusive, less partial. So, Vittarca Padani, so in the case of, when it so happens that we are having troubling thoughts, that we are having inclinations that would take us away from yemeniyama that would take us into the types of behavior that are actually gonna enmeshes more and more in that needless soft bring. The pain that is to be avoided. What to do about that?

And potentially says, When we feel afflicted by these troubling ideas, these ideas that would chain us to more misery, let us cultivate the different perspective. Now, sometimes when we hear the idea of a different perspective, we can get an association or a connotation of thesis and antithesis, the one side and the other. And this is a misrepresentation of what is being described here. It's not one side and another. It means cultivate different perspectives in the plural. It means cultivate different points of view in the plural.

So if I am feeling drawn towards a certain way of behaving that is not yemen and yaman, let me consider very different points of view. So the one of the key practices in Pratipaksha Bhavanah is to actually make a practice of considering viewpoints that are different from the ones that we are conditioned to. And specifically here, this is in the context, are coming out of needless suffering and cultivating ahinsa, cultivating that harmony. So in the next sutra, Patania's gonna give us a lot more detail about this, but basic idea that I'd like to emphasize is this is about cultivating that 360 degree excuse me, 360 degree global equivision and equipoise. So we can navigate potentially disturbing situations skillfully.

So now in the next sutra, we're gonna get the whole idea of the, these thing, these troubling thoughts and how to deal with them, elaborated in much more detail.


Kate M
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So happy to see you back on YA, James. It's a blessing to be able to sit back and listen once again...   : )

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