Let's Feel Better Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 27

Mini Feel-Good Flow

10 min - Practice


Wade leads a short tension-releasing feel-good flow to open up and find space in the hips, spine, shoulders, and neck. You will feel relaxed and ready for more.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Hi, everyone. I am happy to share my feel good flow with you. This mini flow is gonna hit all of those areas that challenge my body, like the hips and the shoulders. I hope you enjoy it. Let's swing our legs around and lie on our back. You can keep your knees bent feet hip distance, cactus those arms to open the shoulders, and then connect with the rise and fall of your breath. We'll move with our breath as you exhale, let your knees windshield wipers slowly to the right and turn your head to the left As you inhale, bring the knees back to center, exhale. Let the knees drop to the left turn your head to the right and inhale it back to center.

Or let the breath move you into each of these windshield postures, giving you a nice massage on the outer glutes releasing that lower back area. Where I always find tension and start to feel that area a little pulsing maybe a little bit deeper. Come on back to neutral. Place the right ankle on top of your left thigh and go back to those windshield wipers. Same exact thing.

This time focusing more on windshield wipering to the right so you release that outer right glue. Give that glute a little massage. And the next time you come back to center, draw the left knee into the chest to reach through grab onto the left hamstring and extend your left leg. Point the toes towards the face. Face, have a nice strong grip on the hamstring. And just pulse yourself forward and backward.

You'll feel a little of attraction little release of the muscles and a little space for the vertebrae in the back body as you pulse forward and backwards, try to relax the neck and the shoulders. Giving yourself a nice little hamstring stretch with a little more momentum rock and roll all the way forward up to your seat. Lower that left leg to the earth and bring the right foot just inside for an easy janu twist. We're not folding forward, right hand on top of the right side, left fingertips behind you, inhale lengthen the spine and exhale soft twist to open the hip. If you need to feel more walk the left fingertips a little farther behind you, lift and lengthen the spine, and exhale twist to your left. Pause right here.

Let the left ear soften towards your left shoulder, roll it down towards the chest, and back over to your shoulder to release the trapezius muscles. Another one of those spots where most of us feel ten and this one's a nice way to release in this little mini flow. As you turn your torso back to center, reach the right hand behind you fingertips facing back, push into the earth for an easy side plank. Take the left arm to the sky and explore your range of motion with the arm straight or bent. Is kind of feeling out the shoulder joint push actively forward with the right hand, press the pinky toe side of the left foot to the earth.

Give yourself a moment here to kind of check-in and find space. On that next, I'll lower the seat all the way to the earth. Slide your right foot forward about a foot. Keep the right leg bent. Then the left leg.

Hold on to the front of your shins. Separate the knees, lift the sternum, and the chest, big inhale, exhale, engage the core around the spine, draw the navel up and back. In hell separate the knees, lift the hearts, sternum, and chest, exhale, engage the core, tucking the chin to the chest last, taking 3 more. If you want to do the hands free version, a little bit more core work, palms to the skies, you inhale, and exhale. These activate the core muscles, but they're really nice ways to find that, spinal mobilization. We're lowering all the way down on that next round.

So as you exhale, engage the core, roll all the way down to the earth, take the arms over the head, point the toes, give yourself a nice big stretch. And then once again, cactus feel below the arms, bend the knees. Keep the right leg bent. Place the left ankle on top of the right knee, and we'll take a little windshield wiper to the left. And back to center massaging that outer left glute.

The farther you go to the left, the more you'll feel you can kind of Find that spot where you feel on hold tension and grip in the glute. This could be a whole practice in itself. The next time the knee comes back to neutral, draw the right knee into the chest, reach through, grab onto your hamstring, and extend the right leg to the sky toes pointing towards the face. Press the right knee away from you And that action will help lift the head and shoulders off the floor, giving you that traction for the mid and upper back. And then as you exhale, just pulse your way back down, releasing the hamstring and calf muscle.

Little rocking forward and backward. This goes all the way up to the base of the neck, occipitols, where the trapezius is attached, give yourself a little bit more momentum, and we'll rock all the way up to our seat. Left foot just inside of the right thigh. Left hand, soft gentle pressure down, right fingertips behind you, keep the right leg, lifted, right foot flex, lengthen the spine, and rotate to your right. Each time you inhale, see if you can find a little bit more length and space.

And each time you exhale soften into it. Feel out that last round And then keep the posture. Just let the right ear soften towards your right shoulder. Maybe roll the chin to the chest. Just some feel good moments here for the trapezius muscles and the gailings at the front of the neck.

Anytime yoga feels like a massage, I'm down for it. Good. As you turn the torso back to center, place the left hand behind you, push down into the left palm, lift your hips for an easy side point. And explore your range of motion on the right shoulder with the arm straight or bent or a combination of both press forward and down with the left hand, so you're not sinking into the wrist and press the pinky toe side of your right foot. Good. As you lower all the way down with that exhale, take a moment and pause. Slide your left foot forward about a foot.

Keep the left leg bent. The right leg the same. Separate the knees, inhale lift the heart. Cow tilting is fine. Excel Engage and the core pulling the navel up and back.

Left and round. Depending how many cookies I've eaten that day will depend if I keep my hands on my shins or if I do some hand free variations to work into my cooler a little bit more. It's not about feeling good. It's more about guilt. See a lot of those last 2 and that last one.

Come to a tall spine, either swing the legs around for table or cross the legs, walk, or float back. And we'll meet in our table, pose, palms under the shins, easy soft cow, and cat tilts. We should find a lot of space now in front and the back of the body. Keeping that neutral spine come up to your fingertips. Stay on your fingertips.

Neutral spine. Scorpion tail the right leg and move your heart forward. So you really feeling the front of your right hip flex or releasing a little back then as you move the heart forward. Hang out for 2 more breaths. Keep that breath active.

And then look forward and step your right leg right between the hands. Place the right hand on top of the right thigh. Left hand to the sacrum for some hip flexor pulses here, helping to release the front of your left hip This is really good if you're sitting a lot and you wanna release that muscle, opening up that hinge. Next time you sink into it, any intuitive movements right here, help you find space in that low lunge. Lower your hands to the earth, slide your right leg back, and through scorpion the tail, reach back with your left hand for the right foot, guide your heart forward And as the right knee lifts away from the earth, you'll feel a little bit more of that hip flexor release.

Lower the right knee to join the left, come up to your fingertips, shift your weight to your right leg, scorpion tail of the left, guide the heart forward, have a couple breaths right here. It's not about how high you lift the left leg. It's more about the extension forward keeping that lower back safe as you exhale step the left foot between the hands. Left hand on top of the left thigh, right hand to the sacrum, and we'll take a couple of low pulses here. Really massaging, releasing, the front of the hip flexor that gets shortened and contracted when we sit a lot.

The next time you pulse forward. Some more feel good movements with the arms and the shoulders. Kinda check-in, listen, feel intuitive here. Each body is gonna feel a little different. Sometimes one shoulder needs a little bit more love than the other.

Lower the fingertips to the floor once again. Slide that left leg through right back to your scorpion tail. Place the left hand on the earth. Reach back with the right hand. Before you lift the knee away from the floor, extend length in the spine.

Lower the left knee to the earth. Feel free to do some down dogs or keep moving. Thank you for joining me. I hope your body feels good. I feel good already.


Sandra Židan
Thank you very much, Wade, for this great practice! Namaste! ❤️🌹🌼
Glenford N
5 people like this.
Thanks Wade. Now I don't feel so guilty about that second scoop of ice cream! Namaste.
Lina S
4 people like this.
Great stretches. A nice way to start the day! Namaste!
Kate M
2 people like this.
Very sweet, Wade! Thank you!! (Still laughing about your observation that the practice is all about guilt!!) Love, love : )
Christel B
1 person likes this.
Fantastic!  That felt so good!
Jenny S
4 people like this.
Wade, your practices always put a big smile on my face ❤️
Lea M
4 people like this.
This was a perfect start to my day.  Thank you!
1 person likes this.
Sandra Židan So nice to hear from you! Thanks for the share!
Glenford N hhahah love this and great to hear from you again! Get some gelato!
Lina S Happy Holidays! Great to see you in the forum again!
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