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Let's Feel Better

Feeling good is a habit. And when we’re out of practice, a little help from our friends goes a long way. We've invited some of our favorite teachers to share short practices and reflections to inspire and support our commitment to taking care of bodies, minds, and hearts. They say happiness is an inside job, but it's also relational, contagious, and easier with others.

Season 1


Caroline A
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Love this series.  It is like ‘yoga snacks’.
Lydia Zamorano
Caroline A Yes! Yoga snacks! I love it! :) Lydia 

Ali Cramer
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Caroline A Lydia Zamorano and who doesn't love a good snack? Lol thanks for tuning in! xo 
Alana Mitnick
Caroline A That's exactly it! Thank you for joining us in Yoga! XoA
Caroline A
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Hi Alana, for 3 years I have religiously participated in your classes.  Well, the ones an old duck like me can do!  I really love the way you teach and your voice is just so soothing.
Sarah Beston
What a great way to put it, Caroline A! I love these short pieces as well. Such a great way to get to know our teachers a little better. 💗
Alana Mitnick
Caroline A , I love knowing that we are in this together! Thank you for your presence and dedication. Like all of these amazing teachers, I am deeply grateful to get to share my love for Yoga with you. XoA
Caroline A Great connecting with you and I love the snack reference- I am a snacking King hahahah

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