Enliven Your Senses: A 7-Day Yoga Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 6

Day 5: A Taste for Twists

30 min - Practice


In Day 5, Sarah leads a twisting class to connect to our sense of taste. We move through Sun Salutes and twists in standing and seated poses to aid in detoxification and digestion. You will feel relaxed and wrung out.
What You'll Need: Mat


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Welcome to your sense of taste. So in this practice, we'll move into some postures that are really good for detoxifying for digestion, some twisting postures, And I invite you to join me seated. We'll take a moment to gather and just kind of tune in. We take a few swallows to taste feeling that land in the body, and just how that feeling and sense of taste can evoke a certain emotion or feeling within. So I invite you to bring to mind some tastes that you really enjoy, how Perhaps that first sip of a morning cup of coffee can warm the entire body.

Or how a meal shared with good friends and made with love can really fill you up. Just taking a moment to see what comes up for you here as you think of the sense of taste. And how that may resonate in sensation and feeling. Speaking to notice the rise and the fall of your breath. Maybe letting out a sigh, and maybe setting an intention for your practice today for this day together?

Would you like to cultivate or call in? And we'll move together with that awareness. So let's come right to hands and knees, tabletop, In tabletop, just start to make some circles. So taking barrel roll this is usually when the joints start to crack. So notice how that feels as you shift the weight in circles, letting the hips sink back toward the heels, feeling the side body, the wrists, either direction, lingering where it might feel good to linger, maybe taking your circles in the opposite direction.

Good. And then taking just a few more rounds on the circulate circulating the energy, moving it around. Beautiful. And then take your time as we come into that same and ten and downward facing dog, tucking the toes, lifting hips up, and back. And then just moving around in whatever way it feels good in your down dog. So I'm gonna shift my heels side to side.

You might be pedaling it out through the feet. Maybe shifting to plank pose and back to down dog starting to warm the joints. Eventually finding a place to land. Maybe shake your head. Yes. No.

Beautiful. And then from here, let's reach the right leg up in back 3, like downward facing dog. Draw the knee in poured your nose on the exhale hover for a moment. And then take a big step through between your hands. Coming into runners lunge, reaching the heart forward. And then from here, planting the left hand down and taking a twist, reach the right arm up, take a gaze up toward the fingertips, big breath in. As you exhale, lower the right hand to the inside of your front foot.

And then take a walk to face this side of the mat moving towards Skandasana. We'll bend through the left knee, keeping the right leg straight. And you could keep the sole of the right foot down or maybe come up onto that right heel sinking into the hips a little deeper. Beautiful. And then stay low to the earth. We'll walk back toward the front of the mat coming back to your runner's lunge.

And then stepping back to downward facing dog, right foot meets the left. Beautiful. On an inhale glide forward into plank pose, pause here for a moment. And then as you exhale soften the knees, lift up and back, downward facing down, Do that two more times. Inhale, glide forward to plank. Exhale soften the knees. Lift the hips up and back.

Down dog. One more coming high up onto the toes as you glide forward to plank, exhale soft knees, lift up and back. Down dog, beautiful left side, inhale sweeping the left leg up and back, three legged dog. Drawing the knee in toward the nose as you exhale gaze between the hands and take a big step or a bunch of steps through coming into runner's lunge. Reaching heart forward, plant the right hand down, sweep the left arm up, find a twist open to the left.

Good. And then as you lower the left hand down to the inside of the front foot, walk to face the side of the mat, coming through center, and then bending through the right knee, straightening through the left, sinking into Skandasana. Good. And then staying low, walking all the way back toward the front of the mat, runner's lunge, step back, downward facing dog, left foot meets the right. And like that wave like energy as you inhale glide forward into plank pose as you exhale soft knees, down dog, inhale glide forward into plank, Exhale soft knees downward facing dog. One more time. Inhale gliding forward. Hand, exhale, hip, hips up and back for downward facing dog. Beautiful.

Slow walk to the front of the mat. Walk the feet up towards your hands and just take a moment to pause in your forward fold. You can soften the knees, letting everything just melt down over the legs torso. Nice and long crown of the head melting down. Good. And then slowly roll up vertebra by vertebra.

As you come up towards stand, maybe draw the shoulders up towards your ears and then roll them down the back. Take a moment to find mountain pose, Tedasana, maybe draw the hands together in front of the heart, swallow a few times. Beautiful. And then we'll come right into chair pose as you're ready. Maybe step the feet together. Bend the knees deeply, arms sweep up, draw hands together in front of the heart, and then we'll take a twist here, left elbow to the outside of the right thigh.

Prayer in front of the heart, letting the hips sink down toward the height of the knees. And then breathing here. A couple full deep breaths. These detoxifying twists Beautiful. One more big full breath in as you exhale straighten the legs, letting everything melt down. On an inhale lift halfway lengthen through the spine, are to uttanasana.

Exhale plant your palms step back. Plank pose top of a push up. This time, we'll shift the weight forward, lowering all the way to the belly. Untuck your toes for cobra pose, draw the elbows in, lift the heart and the gaze, and then pressing back. To downward facing dog, taking a moment to land there.

Beautiful. And then from down dog, reaching the right leg all the way up and back, 3 leg dog, draw the knee in towards your nose, big steps through between the hands. And then staying on the ball of the back foot, you might widen your stance a little bit to help with balance. Crescent pose, inhale arms, sweep all the way up, take a moment to sink in, energizing up through the fingertips, Earth energy and at the same time find that lifted heart space And we'll take a twist here, reaching the left arm forward, reach the right arm back, and just start to let the torso twist open toward the side of your mat. Beautiful. And then tilting back, like, the right hand find the back of the left leg reach the left arm up and over your left ear.

Big full breath in. Good exhale lunge twist left hand lands on the inside of the right foot, right arm sweeps up. And then same thing with Skandasana, lower the right hand, walk to face the side of your mat, bending through the left, knee, straightening the right leg. Any amount. Good. Staying low to the earth.

Come back toward runners lunge facing the front of the mat. Step back downward facing dog. Gliding forward to plank, lower halfway or all the way down, Chaturanga. Inhale heartless, cobra, or upward facing dog, exhale meeting back, in down dog. Nice work. Breathing in.

Breathing out. And rising up onto toes. Knees, bend deeply, look forward, step or lightly float, front of the mat. On an inhale. Come halfway up.

Arta Utanasana. Exhale release and fold. Utanasana. And we'll bend the knees deeply for Utkadasana, chair pose, arms sweep up, and then draw hands together in front of your heart. Keep length in your spine. And then taking your twist right elbow comes to the outside of the left thigh, drawing prayer together in front of the heart, Letting hips lower toward the height of the knees.

And then breathe. Breathe in the stillness, breathe in so much movement, even in these held postures, notice the sensations, maybe I'm burning in the legs. Hello. Good big full breath in. Exhale. Forward fold. Release and let that go.

Inhale lift halfway, lengthen, offer the heart forward, exhale plant palm, step or lightly float back chaturanga. Inhale, cobra, or updog, exhale downward facing dog. Beautiful sweeping the left leg up and back, big breath in, exhale step all the way through. Setting up for crescent pose maybe widening the stance, arm sweep up. Take a moment to sink in.

In feeling that support of the earth at the same time that lift, that lightness, that ease. And then reaching the right arm forward, left arm back start to twist from the navel up, keeping the lower body solid as you find crescent twist. Beautiful. And this time, the left hand will find the back of the right thigh reach the right arm up and over your ear. Good. Circle right hand to the inside of the left foot lunge twist. Left arm reaches up.

And as you lower the left hand down, keep it fluid. Come through the center of the mat. Right knee bends. Left leg straight. Skandasana. Good. Stay low as you come back toward the front of the mat. Runners lunge and step back.

Dower facing dog. Let your inhale, bring you forward to plank, exhale chaturanga, inhale cobra or upward facing dog. Exhale. Downward facing dog. Nice job.

Big full breath in. Notice how you feel. Long breath out. Let's continue with some twisting postures reaching the right leg up and back, inhale, knee to nose, step all the way through. This time, let your left knee come down to the earth for low lunge.

We'll sweep the arms all the way up on Janie and then draw the hands together in front of your heart. Let your shoulders relax. And we'll take a twist here, hooking the left elbow to the outside of the right thigh. A prayer in front of heart elbows are stacked. And you're welcome to intensify this a bit by tucking the back toes.

And lifting the back knee up off the earth or stay grounded, left knee down. And allowing a few full deep breaths here as we ring it out. Breathing in. Breathing out. Beautiful.

Inhale as you exhale. Frame your front foot with your hands, lower the back knee if it's not already lowered and then shift back, ardha Hanamanasana half split. Couple full deep breaths as you breathe into the back of your right leg. Good. And then re bend through the right knee. Tuck the back toes.

Step back, plank pose. Shift the weight forward, come halfway or all the way down, Chaturanga, inhale cobra or updog. Exhale downward facing dog, beautiful left side, inhale left leg lifts. Exhale knee toward the nose, stepping through, lower the right knee down, reach the arms forward, and up on Jani Asana. Then gathering hands together in front of the heart, we'll take the right elbow to the outside of the left thigh.

Prayer in front of heart. Find your twist. And you could stay here, or, again, maybe you tuck the right toes, lifting the back knee up off the earth, engaging the right quadriceps, find the breath, Find your Drishti. Find your heartbeat. A big full breath in gaze down.

Let your hands frame the front foot. You can lower that right knee down to the earth Good. And then shift the weight back, half split, Arda, Hanumanasana, breathing. Full deep breaths. Beautiful rebound through the left knee this time. Step back.

Plank Chaturanga. And he'll move the energy for cobra or updog. Exhale downward facing dog. One more round here, just reach the right leg up and back inhale. Exhale to step all the way through.

This time pyramid pose, step your left put in and to the left a little. So both legs are straight pressing through the soles of the both feet as you inhale length thin. And you might have a couple blocks under your hands if that would feel supportive. Otherwise, as you exhale, will fold over that front leg. Letting the torso be nice and long, maybe gazing at your right big toe, drawing the right hip back, let the left hit roll forward.

And you could stay right here If you want to come into revolved triangle, you could place your left hand on the inside or outside of the front foot, maybe a block. And then keeping hips level, maybe bring your hand to your sacrum, low back area, and then lengthen through this fine. Reach the right arm up as you open up and twist to the right for revolve triangle. Couple breaths embracing the wobble here. You might be feeling that. Good. Big breath in.

Exhale. Let it go. Good. Planting palms. Simply stepping back. To downward facing dog. Breathe in.

Breathe out. Reaching left leg all the way up and back, inhale, take a big step through, and then set up pyramid pose, step the right foot in into the right a little bit. Drawing left hip back, right hip rolls down. Find length in your spine. Inhaling, keeping that nice length, exhale, spine long, pressing into the ball of the left big toe.

Again, you could stay right here or set up for revolve. Triangle right hand to inside or outside of that front foot, maybe a block and then left hand to the low back, find length in the spine, and then start to rotate open toward the side of the mat, reach that left arm up, maybe gaze up toward your fingertips, maybe not. More than anything, find your breath. Feeling into the throat. Maybe swallowing.

Good. And then left hand down. Press the palms into the earth. Step your left foot back. Downward facing dog. Beautiful. And we'll bring the feet together at the back of the mat, glide forward to plank pose, and then slow lower all the way down to the earth.

Good. As you get down, release your arms back behind you, palms face down on either side of the body, And then from here, you could bring the chin to the earth, start to peel the chest up off the earth, shoulders away from the ears. Gently tuck the chin. Let the back of the neck be long, and then maybe add your legs. Finding Shalabasana. Breathing.

A big full breath in. As you exhale, release and let that go. Bring hands next to the side ribs, hug elbows in. Maybe reverse windshield wiper knees side to side. Just releasing any tension in the back body.

Notice where that lands. Lovely. And then coming back up plank pose, top of a push up, hips up and back, down dog, and we'll lower the knees. Sit back on the heels for a moment and just notice check-in with the sensations in the body. Noticing your thoughts, letting them pass as you come back to your breath, Good. And then letting the weight shift off to one side will bring the legs out in front of us moving into a seated twist, you can bend the right knee, and then step the right foot cross the left leg. You could stay right here or bend the left knee drawing the left heel in towards you, letting the sitting bones rest on the earth.

Right fingertips come behind in how left arm lifts, maybe hooking the elbow or hugging the knee as you twist to the right. And without force, finding that rotation, that gentle twist may be gazing over the right shoulder. A breathing deeply. Beautiful. Counterbalance just gently unravel gaze forward. Take the hands to the outside of your left hip, soften the elbows.

Let the head hang heavy. Crown of the head melting. Nice. And then slowly unravel. Come on up. We'll bring the soles of the feet out in front of us for a moment.

Bend your knees. Bring hands behind. Lift the hips reverse tabletop, big breath in, maybe stick out the tongue for lion's breath. Good. And then letting the hips release down, keeping the right knee bent, step the foot in a little closer towards you, stretch the right leg long, and then step the left foot across the right leg. You could keep that right knee bent or start to draw the heel in towards you, and then let your sitting bones land wiggle in Letting left fingertips come behind, reach the right arm up, and then twisting to the left maybe hooking the right elbow or hugging the gentle rotation, maybe gazing over the left shoulder.

Couple full deep breaths. Beautiful. And then as you counterbalance, gaze forward, take the hands on either side of the right hip soften the elbows, tuck the chin with the head hang heavy. As you inhale slowly come up one more time, bring the soles of the feet to the earth. This time, we'll sit up tall on the sitting bones. Take the hands. Be behind your knees.

Spine long lean back a little bit coming into boat pose, Navasana. You reach the arms forward actively You could stay here, maybe straighten out through the legs. Keep lifting up through the heart. Let's take 5. 4. 3, 2, 1, rebend your knees, soles of the feet to the earth, reverse tabletop pans behind lift, heart, lift, gaze, stick out the tongue, lines of breath, and then gently let the hip come down to the earth.

We'll roll onto our back. Take your time as you hug your knees into the chest. Little wobble side to side massaging through the low back. Maybe take your knees and circles in either direction. Notice how that feels.

You could take your knees and goals in either direction, massaging through the low back, notice how that feels. And then keeping the right knee hugged into the chest like the left leg go long, with your left hand, draw the right knee across the body. You could reach the right arm out to the right coming into a nice twist here. Maybe gazing over your right shoulder, softening through the shoulder, knee. Ringing it all out. Couple full deep breaths.

Beautiful, and then take your time as you unravel. Let the right leg go long. Hug your left knee into your chest. Give it a squeeze with your right hand. Can draw the left knee across your body.

You reach your left arm out to the left, maybe gazing over your left shoulder. Ringing it out, softening the left shoulder, softening the gaze, Breeze. And as you're ready, slowly unravel, come back through center hugging knees in, maybe happy baby, holding the outsides of the feet knees wide, softening these on either side of the torso. And the finally, as you're ready, we'll hug the knees back in, nose to knees, wrapping forearms around the shins, hug everything in. Allow a big full breath in and then hold the breath up at the top.

Sip in just a little bit more air through the nose. Notice what you smell. No. What is any tastes? Any sights? Any sounds? And then exhale.

Let that all go coming toward the shape of Shavasana, letting the legs go long on your mat. Letting the feet roll open like books. Made palms face up on either side of the body, arms away from you. Let's take up some space here. Feel the port beneath you and just rest.

The two Mac end here, senses, savoring your last moments here. Anything you may taste echo of your practice landing in the body. And in your own time, feel free to stay here as long as you like or join me seated. However you choose to arrive, it's taking a moment to thank yourself for showing up for you. Thank you so much for sharing these practices with me.

Such an honor to be together in this way. Hope you have a beautiful rest of your day. Namaste.


Noreen S
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Thank you Sarah! So, so nice! xo
Christel B
2 people like this.
So delicious first thing in the morning. 
Francesca Venturini
So delicious anytime of the day.  :)
Sarah Beston
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Thank you for sharing in this practice with me, Noreen S! xo
Sarah Beston
1 person likes this.
Thank you for practicing with me and glad it felt nice first thing in the morning, Christel B! xo
Sarah Beston
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So glad to hear that, Francesca Venturini! Wishing you a beautiful day!
Kate M
1 person likes this.
Lovely. Twists are bliss-inducing : ) Thank you, Sarah Beston !
Katarina V
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Thank you again for a sweet slow meditating practice. Much love!
Sarah Beston
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Kate M — definitely enjoy a good twisting practice to clear out stuck energy!
Sarah Beston
Sending lots of love, Katarina V! Thank you for practicing with me here. 
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