Burn Bright: A 14-Day Yoga Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 8

Day 7: Together

20 min - Practice


No attachment, no aversion, just let it be what it is. Aversion (dvesha) to an experience can limit our growth, and keep us from having great experiences and expansive opportunities. In Day 7 Ashley leads a flowy class moving through Sun Salutes, twists, and familiar standing poses on our way to a challenging standing balance pose that will encourage us to be in the experience without attachment or aversion to the outcome. You will feel confident, focused, and reflective.

Journaling Prompts for Day 7: Make a list of a few things you are currently avoiding in your life. As you look through your list, note if and how any of the things on the list may be limiting your growth or movement forward in some aspect of your life. What steps can you take toward shifting your relationship to them?

What You'll Need: Mat, Block (2)

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Hi, and welcome to day 7, putting the pieces together. We'll start out today seated and across leg position as you see me in here now. If your knees are higher than your hips or you feel like you're rounding through your back, come sit up on the folded edge of a blanket, giving yourself enough lift so that knees end up level with, or maybe even a little lower than your hips. Cross us close to the center of your shins as you can and then flex through your feet. Press into the earth in house sweep up to the sky And as you exhale, bring your hands together at heart center.

Give yourself a moment to arrive. And if you'd like, you can join me in an opening Nice full breath in. Lift your chest. Bow your chin. Return your hands to your thighs and blink your eyes open, taking in the space.

Hi. Take your thumbs and put them at your front hip creases. Press down into that indent, lift through your front body, And as you exhale hinge forward over your legs. So you can keep your thumbs here, particularly if you have a tendency to grip through your hip flexors. Otherwise, take your hands to the earth or to props in front of you and rocket a little bit side to side easing into the musculature of your back. As you fold to meet your comfortable edge.

Breathe into your back and your outer hips. And with the exhale soften, that might mean physically softening, more importantly, just easing your mind. Walk your hands over to the right. Keep resisting back with your left tip as you reach out a little more through your left fingertips. On exhale walk it back center and over to the second side.

Anchor through your right, sit bone. Reach through your right fingertips and breathe into your whole right side body. And exhale bring it back. Center. Draw your chest straightforward, fully lengthen your spine, slide your hands back as you sit upright. Switch the cross of your legs opposite shin in front Again, cross as close to the center of your shins as you can and flex through your feet.

Bring thumbs back into your hip creases. Press down, lift your heart, open your chest, and with the exhale hinge forward, and it doesn't have to be a huge fold, meet your comfortable edge. At that edge, you're welcome to place hands on the earth in front of you. And again, give a little side to side, easing into the back and outer hips, fold in. Once again, walk your hands over to the right. This time, draw your chest forward.

And as you exhale, roll the left side of your rib cage down, turn and gaze to the right, welcoming in a subtle twist. And exhale walk it back center and over to the second side. Alright. Again, reach your heart forward, stretch to the space between your hands. And as you exhale roll the right side of your rib cage down, maybe turn and gaze to your left.

And walk yourself back center. Reach your heart forward. Look forward. Hinge from your hips. Bring yourself upright. Make your way to your hands and your knees.

Set any props you may have been on off to the side. Tuck your toes under and walk your hands right in front of your knees. Press back onto the balls of your feet and slowly take your heels to the earth, straightening your legs to your edge. Let your head and neck go. In how to fingertips or hands on shins draw your chest straightforward.

Firm your abdomen, take your hands to your hips, broaden your collar bones, root down with a length in spine, stand up. Take a walk to the top of your map. Ta Dasana mountain pose. Reach your arms up to the sky, interlace your fingers, and flip your palms skyward. Right?

Revolve your torso to the right. Notice how your hips wanna follow you. Instead, keep drawing your left hip back, direct your tailbone down, and firm both outer arms evenly in. Keep the shape of this twist. Open your arms out to the sides. Alexa.

And, ex, how bring your right hand forward in house, sweep your arms back up. Interlace your fingers once again, switch to the less natural grip opposite thumb on top. Flip your palms skyward. Keep your hips facing forward as you exhale slowly revolve to the left. Straight and evenly through both arms, Direct your tailbone down as you lift your heart, and then exhale, open arms to the sides.

Bring your left hand forward. Inhale sweep both arms up to the sky. Exhale hinge at your hips hold your body in half. Inhale, heart forward, Ardohtinasana. Bend your knees enough to get your hands down, step back with your left foot and pause.

Firm your abdomen. Take your hands to your thigh just above your knee. Give a touch of a bin to your back knee. Hinge from your hips climb up your front leg. Guide your right hip back, your left hip forward.

And as you lift your abdomen, smooth your bum down, inhale, sweep your arms up and overhead. Try to keep your hips facing forward. X. How open twist to the right. Naval back. Heart up.

Exhull right hand forward, inhull both hands skyward. Xhull hands to the mat. Step it back to plank. Rock forward, lower all the way to the earth, brush your toes back, peel your heart forward, and up, maybe coming to fingertip, offering a little more height and space and exhale back to the mat. Plant your hands, tuck your toes, press the plank or hands and knees, and exhale hips, up and back, downward facing dog.

In how lift your left leg, lift from inner thigh, so toes point down, exhale left knee to nose, step, left foot forward between your hands. Little bend to your back knee, hands to the top of your thigh. Coil your abdomen in as you climb up your front leg. Draw your whole front body back and then sweep your arms up. Switch to the less natural grip.

Flip your palms skyward. A little different on this side. Lift your heart. Let your gaze follow a touch more skyward. Xhull hands right back to the mat. Hop your back foot up to meet your front. In how heart straightforward, exhale fold forward.

Press into the earth as you inhale sweep up to the sky. And exhale, take your hands to your heart, second side. Inhale, once again, lift tall. X. How fold into South. Let it go.

And how reach your heart forward. Bend your knees plant your hands, step back with your right foot this time. Little bin to your back knee from abdomen as you take your hands to the top of your thigh. Hinge from your hips climb up, draw naval back, sweep your arms up. Exhale twist to the left, open arms to the sides.

And root down, bring left hand forward, sweep up, exhale hands to the mat. Step it back to your plank and through your vinyasa. In how lift your right leg, exhale knee to your nose, foot shoulders over your wrist, step right foot forward between your hands. One more time, hands to the top of the thigh, little bend to your back knee. Scoop your abdomen in as you climb up.

Anchor through the top of your thigh, sweep up, reach up, interlace your fingers, less natural grip, flip palm skyward, maybe lift your gaze. Xhall hands to the mat, hop back foot up to meet your front, Inhale lengthen, exhale, unfold. Root down, inhale, rise up, reach up, maybe look up and exhale to your heart. Shift weight heavy to your heels. Bend your knees Ex held twist to the right without making contact.

Root down in how bring your arms back up. Exhale twist to the left, and I'll bring it back up. This is how I make all my friends twist to the right. And how bring it up. One more time twist to the left.

In how bring it up. Lift your heart, lift your gaze, X how fold into self. In how heart forward, bend your knees, plant your hands, step, or mindfully float back, Chattaranga. You can go down dog. You can take child's pose.

What do you need in this moment? Inhale. Lift your left leg. X. I'll need to nose flip shoulders over your wrists Step your left foot forward between your hands. Stack knee on top of ankle, pivot your back heel down, heel to arch. Bring your left cheek under you, press down and windmill up and open to Vira badrasana 2, warrior 2.

It's a little bit deeper. Lift through your heart center. Reach over your front leg. Take your forearm to your thigh. And for now, your backhand on your hip.

You may stay here. You might take the back of your elbow to your inner thigh. Press arm into leg to help revolve your chest. To the side. And then if accessible without strain, grab the front of your ankle. As you meet the resistance of the inner thigh, notice if your low back arch Direct your tailbone toward your back heel, and then turn open through your chest. Rotate top arms so palm faces forward and reach.

Try to create a clean line from back heel to tip of fingers. In Hallaghan, to the sky, look down. Take your right hand down, find the ball of your back foot. Heel tow left foot to the left, just an inch or 2, widen your base. Set your back knee down uncurl your toes, inhale rise up reach up, exhale twist to the left, hook your right elbow to the outside of your left thigh.

Guide left hip back. Tuck your back toes under. Maybe lift your knee. Stretch from tailbone to crown of head, revolve open through your chest. You can keep your hands together at heart center or fan them out.

Like wings. X, how hands back to the mat, step it to plank, choose the vinyasa, your body, your breath, your mind needs in this moment. Step your right foot forward. And pivot your back heel down, heel to arch aligned. Draw hip under you.

Press down, windmill yourself up and open. 0 of a draw a 2, warrior 2. Reach over your front leg, take forearm to your thigh, backhand to your hip for now. You may stay right here. You might bring the back of your arm to your inner thigh.

And if accessible without strain, grab the front of your ankle. Keep drawing your right cheek under you, smooth your bum toward your back heel as you revolve open through your heart. Rotate top arms to palm faces the front of the space, reach long in line with your ear. Again, create that clean line from back heel to fingertips. In how hand to the sky, x, how both hands to the mat. Find the ball of your back foot, put your back knee down.

He'll tow right foot to the right, just an inch or 2. Press down in how take both arms up. X how twist to your left. You're right, also known as your other left. Hook left elbow to the outside of your right thigh, guide your right hip back in in.

Tuck your back toes under. Lift your back knee. Stretch your heart towards the front of the space. If you can hold the integrity of your spine and do so, open your arms out like wings. And exhale hands to the mat, hop your back foot up to meet your front, in how press your thighs back.

And acts how fold it in. Said heavy to your heels. Last one, utkadasana chair pose. Press down, rise up. Lower your arms by your sides. Alright.

So root down here through your left foot, she says, with great certainty. Come onto the toes of your right. From your hip socket, open your leg. And just like we did yesterday, only as far as you can go, keeping your front hip points facing straightforward. Take your right foot across it past your left thigh like you're drawing a figure 4 with your legs. Bring your thumbs to your front hip creases just like we did at the top of practice.

Sit heavy to the heel of your standing leg foot, taking your bum back and down. Anch her through the top of your thigh and try to draw your navel, your lower abdomen, away from your thighs. You can stay here. Maybe you offer left hand forward and then see if you can hook the back of your left arm to the front of your thigh. If your body says, no, thank you. Come back to the previous shape. If it's in it to win, it's in this moment, palms together back of both arms to the front of your shin.

Reach or chest forward like you could in the top of your sternum beyond your fingertips. You may stay here. Maybe. You put your left hand on the heel of your foot. Sit the bum a little lower, offer your right hand forward.

Press hand into foot. Twist. Perhaps. You get the back of your arm into the arch of your foot. Press arm against foot, foot against arm, stack your hands in prayer. We may need one right near to hole hold this in house.

Such the sides of your torso away from your pelvis and maybe revolve your heart a little more. To the left. Return left hand to the heel of the foot. Unwind. Root down, stand up.

Oh my gosh, ness. Hug your knee to your chest and set your foot down. There should be a sweet little fire happening in this outer hip Feel free to shimmy it side to side. Let that go. Shift your weight onto your right foot. Coming to the toes of your left. Again, so much certainty.

Rotate your leg open from the hip socket, you may stay here. You might take left foot across it past your right thigh, drawing a figure for. Sit heavy to the heel of your standing leg foot, bring thumbs to your front hip creases, root down. And as you press down with your thumbs, draw your front body away from your hands. You can stay here. If you're adding on, offer right hand forward, see if you can hook the back of your right arm to the front of your shin.

Maybe you keep the wrap of the left cheek under you and hook the back of your left arm to the shin. Join your hands together. Press arms against leg, reach your heart forward. If you're layering in the twist, take right hand to the heel of the foot, Press your hand firmly against the foot. Reach your heart and your left hand forward.

Exhow revolve. Maybe you get the back of your left arm into the arch of your left foot, stack your hands on Jalay Mudra. Sit the bum a little bit lower. Dance about it, wait for it. Sometimes that happens.

This is the real. Right? Lengthen through your spine, and maybe you revolve your heart to the right. Return right hand to the heel of the foot, unwind, hands to heart, root down, stand it up. Hug your knee to your chest and set your foot down.

Give them a little wiggle side to side for real love hate relationship. With this shape. So if you're feeling either side of that coin, breathe into it, let it go. No attachment, no aversion, just what it is. Right? Come meet me seated on your mat. Grab a hold of one of your blocks.

Bring your knees to touch, separate your feet, and set your block wide. Between your inner ankles, a like so. Okay? And then from here, come take a seat upright on your block. From outer ankles in, reach back through the big toe side of your foot.

You can stay here. Maybe you rock to your left, bring your right foot forward. If you're like myself and you have a tendency to lock or hyper extend through the knee, roll a blanket, set it underneath your knee. Okay. Put your hands back behind you, smooth your bum away from your waist, and lift your heart. Open your chest.

So not focusing on the full supine version here unless your body is like, must have it. And then we check to make sure that's not coming from ego or attachment. Breathe into the lift of the heart, lengthen through the front of your thigh. As you exhale, walk yourself back up, rebend your right knee, and take your left foot forward this time. Straighten your leg.

Lift your heart. Open your chest. If it helped on the first side, blink it underneath. Walk your hands back about a handprint. Lift through the pit of the abdomen, like you could point your tailbone up between your legs, lift your heart, open your chest, full breath up the front body. And exhale. Walk it back up.

Binger left knee. Bring your right foot forward. Set your butt down and come lie down. You've made it to the sweet sweet land of Shavasana. If your body would like the last hug of the knees to the chest or any other finishing posture, take a moment to indulge And in your own time, surrender.

So our obstacle today is duvetia, or aversion, hatred in extreme forms. And much like yesterday's, it's born of experience. If I had a bad experience with something, Chances are I'm gonna avoid any and everything having to do with that. And in so doing, I often miss out on a lot of opportunities for growth. So we've been collecting all these little small pieces throughout our practices thus far.

And as we begin putting the pieces together, sometimes they don't always fit in the way that we want them to. Sometimes we attempt that one shape and we stumble. And instead of letting ego come in, instead of developing some hatred or avoidance of that shape, of that thing, Can we breathe into it knowing that this experience was singular and the next one will be different? As we continue to grow as we continue to move closer to self. If you're at ease here, stay here as long as you'd like. Otherwise, in your own time, bend your knees, reach your right arm in line with your ear.

Roll carefully onto your right side, and then press the floor away coming up to seated. Join your hands at heart center. Lift your heart bow your chin, offering a little thank for all your body has done for Thank you.


Sandra Židan
Hi, Ashley! There was a lot of wobbling in today's practice, especially in the pose when we had to stand on one leg in figure four and make a twist on one side but it was also interesting to do that! Thank you very much for this beautiful practice! Namaste! 🥰❤️
Jenny S
3 people like this.
That peak pose was super wobbly for me, but I really wanted to experience the twist part (my ego, lol) so I took the balance part of it out by having my back to a wall.  Thus I was able to simulate the pose (on both sides 👏).  I’ve never seen or tried this one before and it felt pretty good - I’ll work on the balance part…even though it may never come.  It’s so fun exploring!  
Lina S
3 people like this.
A great practice to channel one's energy inward. Namaste.
Ashley R
2 people like this.
Happy New Year, Sandra! You are very welcome. Thank you for you for continuing to share your experience throughout this journey. It makes my day
Ashley R
1 person likes this.
Jenny, Happy New Year!!!! I'm glad you were able to experience the twist part of the pose with your back against the wall. As you said, the balance will come, or not, but now you've found a way to experience many of the benefits of the posture in a safe/stable way. Way to go!!! As my mom would say, "you're a smart cookie."  
Ashley R
1 person likes this.
Happy New Year, Lina, and namaste to you!!
Amanda H
1 person likes this.
Awesome I am loving this challenging challenge. I managed to hold the figure twist on my right leg, so rewarding. Thanks Ashley. 
Ashley R
1 person likes this.
Love love love it, Amanda H🤗 That figure four twist is no joke😅! Congrats!!! I’m glad you’re loving the challenge❤️
Lisa P
2 people like this.
What a powerful flow! It felt challenging in really positive way. And as always you carefully guide us into the deeper and more challenging asanas in a gentle way. The reminder to "find your comfortable edge" helps me recognize when my sneaky little ego is trying to drive the practice. Thanks, Ashley
Ashley R
1 person likes this.
Thank you, Lisa P ☺️ And, yep, I know that sneaky little ego well😜
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