Burn Bright: A 14-Day Yoga Challenge

We can use our Yoga practice to build our inner fire, to uncover and clarify the world around us, to recognize, reveal, and truly see ourselves. The Burn Bright: A 14-Day Yoga Challenge is a journey of building the fire within. These short, potent Hatha-Vinyasa classes are interwoven with Yoga philosophy, and are designed as steps to building, tending, sustaining, and stepping into your inner fire. When you arrive at the end of your journey you can fully bask in the glow of what you have created. 

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Jenny S
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What a way to greet the New Year! 💖
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I'm super excited! I hope everyone joins the FaceBook Group as well! So we can stay connected during this challenge! 
Chanda Hinman
So excited to join this new challenge and the Facebook group too!
Ashley R
Jenny S I feel the same way🤗🧘🏽‍♀️✨
Ashley R
Chanda H woohoo🎉
Ashley R
Angel yes, yes and yes!!!
Kate P
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Cannot wait! 
Ashley R
Yay Kate P! I’m so happy you’re joining us🤗
Kathleen P
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Love, love, love this series! Thank you!
Ashley R
Thank you, Kathleen P ☺️ This means so much to me. I’m really glad you’re enjoying the series❤️
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