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Season 1 - Episode 13

Day 12: Burn

20 min - Practice


Step into the fire and burn away what's no longer serving you. Achieving our dreams takes tapas, hard work, discipline, and often discomfort. Ashley weaves dynamic movements into familiar poses to stoke the power in your core, step into the fire we've built, burn away obstacles, and do the challenging things that ultimately improve your quality of life. You will feel powerful, courageous, and assertive.

Journaling Prompts for Day 12: Write about a time in your life where doing something challenging/painful/uncomfortable brought about something wonderful. Come back to this reminder the next time you need a little encouragement to keep going when things get tough.

What You'll Need: Mat, Block (2)

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Hi, and welcome to episode 12 stepping into the fire to burn off that, which is no longer serving you. We're gonna start out today lying down, have a block in reaching distance. Alright. Before we get right into it, simply bend your knees. Place your feet on the ground and set your hands on your front body wherever feels most natural. Breathe into your hands, feeling that subtle rise of your front body.

And as you exhale, give a loving hug toward your back. If it helps layer in an intention for the practice ahead. Once you have that gathered, if you'd like, you can join me in an opening home. Nice full breath in. Blink your eyes back open if you close them.

And hug your knees into your chest, Apanasana. Circle your knees around one direction, massaging the area around your sacrum. Circle back the opposite way, and then settle yourself back center Keep your right knee close to your chest. And as you inhale, stretch your left foot forward, exhale. Left knee in. Reach your right leg out.

And continue side to side at your own pace here. Each time that you reach out, lower only as far as you can go, holding on to the length in your low back, and the strength through your core. So the leg doesn't have to get anywhere near the ground. Work to your truthful edge. You can continue the movement right here, or we walk up the abdominal wall a bit, lifting the head, lifting your shoulders.

As you continue the movement of the legs. Reach out for the ball of your big toe. To help draw even length through inner and outer thigh. If you'd like to turn the heat up a little further, instead of catching the knee, reach your hands up and try to bring your knee to the back of your arm. Notice how the arms will wanna drift toward the knee.

Reassist the urge, make the knee come to the arm, or as close to that as you can manage. Take one more round each side And then bring knees back into your chest. Put your head and your shoulders back down. Grab your block and take it narrow between your upper inner thighs. Bring the knees in as close to the chest as you can manage without strain and then open your arms out to the sides trying to keep your knees close.

As you exhale, send your knees to the left and hover. It doesn't have to be far, again, as far as you can go, maintaining stability. And then come back center, Exhale knees to the right and hover and come back center. Exhile to the left and hover. And in house center.

Exhile to the right, and hover, and in house center. 1 more each side, exhale to the left and hover. And come back center, exhale to the right, and hover. And come back center. Set your block to the side for a moment.

It'll be back enough, back enough, back soon enough. How about that? Take your fingertips to the back of your head. Lift your head. Lift your shoulders. Draw your navel gently down.

Reach your right foot forward. And as you exhale twist to the left, inhale center, exhale right knee in, and stretch your left foot forward, exhale twist. I know this is painfully slow, but It's helping us move with a little more awareness, a little more purpose. We'll get to the more dynamic movement briefly. Stretch left foot forward, exhale twist right, inhale torso center, exhale left knee in. Shut your right leg forward and twist, and now flowing with your breath, making that movement a little more fluid.

There's no rush, nowhere to be, but here, and now. Only a 100 more of these or one more each side, whichever we get to first, and bring both knees in. Put your head and shoulders down. Give yourself a brief hug, and then grab your block once again. Take the block narrow between your inner thighs, This time, bring your knees away from your torso until they're stacked more over your hips.

And if that caused your lower back to pop up quite a bit, keep the knees where they are, but give a little coil of your abdomen in. Lengthening your lower back a touch closer to the mat. Hug your block. Take your fingertips to the back of your head. Exhale, lift your head, lift your shoulders, stretch your left foot forward, and you may observe that your block turned. Guide your right hip down and away from the your waist until your block is neutral once again. And then exhale twist to the right.

In how bring it center, exhale twist to the left, reach your hands to the outside of your left leg. Draw your abdomen up and into your rib cage as though you could. And then fingertips to the back of your head, head center, Put your head and shoulders down. Bend your knee. You can draw the knees in and think about your feelings for a moment here. A lot tend to come up for me during this work, so you're not alone if you're feeling that.

And then once again, knees over your hips, Scoop your abdomen in. Take your fingertips to the back of your head. Breathe out. Lift your head. Lift your shoulders. This time, right foot forward, notice how the block wants to turn.

That means they hit piped up. So steer left tip away from the waist, till your block is level once again. X, I'll twist to the left, and I'll bring it center. Excel twist to the right. Take both hands to the outside of your right leg.

Draw your abdomen up and in. Fingertips back to your head. Come center. Put your head and your shoulders down. Remove the block and briefly set your feet down.

Resist the urge to wiggle too much here. Let the body settle. Breathe into your back. Bring both knees back into your chest. And now take your hands to the back of your thighs.

With an in house, press your heels skyward straight into your comfortable edge, and then exhale. Rebend your knees. Do that again. In how heels to the sky straighten. Bec's how rebend. One more time in how heels to the sky, pause here.

Interlace both hands behind your right leg, broaden your chest. Flex your feet. And on an inhale lower left leg, exhale firm your abdomen bring it back up. Continue this movement at the pace of your breath. And each time that you lower the leg, Think of leading from your inner thigh so that the toes point up at their lowest point.

As you lift, think of leading from your outer thigh. So toes point straight back at their highest point. The next time you lower to a hover, pause there, reach out a bit more through the ball of your foot, Breathe out, lift your head, lift your shoulders. So again, we're walking up the front of the abdominal wall a little more. You may stay here holding the leg for the added support.

If you can hold the shape in your spine and do so, offer your hands straightforward. Maybe we walk a little higher up that wall, taking fingertips straight up to the sky. Big, maybe. Keep the head and shoulders lifted. Try to reach your arms long in line with your ears.

Think of something pleasant and return your hands to the back of your thigh. Put your head, your shoulders, and your left leg down. Now if this is a bit too much, Reese, since through your hamstrings or through your lower back, Please feel free to bend your left knee, put the base of your left foot on the ground instead. Instead of trying to hug the right leg into you, press your right leg away from you and draw your lower abdomen in. Like, you're trying to create a little more space between the front of your pelvis and the front of your thigh. One more breath here.

And then exhale, rebind left knee, set your right foot briefly down, sweep your arms overhead, clear the slate. Exhale hug both knees back into your chest. Take hands to the back of your thighs. And as you inhale, press your heels to the sky. Interlace your hands behind your left leg this time, flex your feet.

In how low right leg to a hover, and exhale bring it back up. Again, lead from inner thigh each time you lower to keep the leg neutral. Lead from outer thigh as you lift. Continue the movement at your own pace. No rush.

We tend to speed through the things we don't enjoy quite as much. But if we slow down and do them in a focused way, It ultimately creates greater strength and awareness in our body. The next time you lower your right leg, pause there. Reach forward to the ball of the foot. Breathe out. Lift your head. Lift your shoulders.

If you can hold the integrity of your spine and do so, offer your hands straightforward. Maybe. You walk a little further up the front of the abdominal wall. Take your hands straight up to the sky. If you can keep head and shoulders lifted and do so, reach your arms long in line with your ears and then return your hands to the back of your left thigh. Put your head, your shoulders, and your right leg all the way down. Press your left leg against your hands as you draw your abdomen in.

If having the right leg long is straining your hamstrings or low back, binge your right knee. Choose kindness. Breathe into the belly of your hamstrings and exhale out through your feet. Ex, how rebin both knees this time drawing them to your chest. Cross at your ankles, rock yourself up to seated, roll over your shins, and step it back to your plank.

If that rolled you right off of your mat, walk back like I did. Right. Shift forward lower Chaturanga. And then set it all the way to the mat. Brush your toes, lift your heart, low cobra, re strengthening your back body, and then return to the mat. Tuck your toes under, walk them in, inhale to plank, or hands and knees, and then exhale, take your hips up and back.

Downward facing dog. Inhaltier to be toes, exhale deep bend to your knees, look to your hand, step, or float in how draw your chest forward are to uttanasana, axhallen fold. Press the floor away. Sweep up. Reach up. Maybe.

Look up. And exhale to your heart. Press into the earth. And as you inhale, reach back up to the sky. X, how fold your body in half.

In halilongate, bend your knees, plant your hands, step back with your right foot. Set your back knee down, uncurl your toes in how reach to the sky, clearing the slate. And then x how hips forward hands to the mat. Leave your back knee down. Slide your left leg back and through.

Address the placement of hands as needed so they're right underneath your shoulders. Guide your right hip back as you offer your right hand forward. And then exhale into a little ball, and I'll stretch it out. X. I'll hug it in. Inhale, reach it out. Last one hugging an in house stretch long.

Put your toes down, put your hand down, step to plank, take the vinyasa you need in this moment. And inhale, lift right leg from inner thigh toes point down. X, I'll need to notes. Step your foot forward between your hands. High lunge.

Walk your hands and or blocks forward of your toes. Slide your back foot halfway in, lift your back leg. Acts how hug left knee behind right knee coming into a little ball in how reach it out. X. I'll hug in, and I'll stretch out. Last one. Hug it in.

And inhale lengthen. Exhale left foot next to right, fold in half. Press down inhale, sweep up, reach up, maybe look up, and exhale to your heart. 2nd side inhale, lift. Exhale fold.

Inhale lengthen. Bend your knees, plant your hands. Step it back with your left foot. Set back knee down uncurl your toes. In how rise up, reach up, exhale hips forward, hands down.

Slide your right leg back and through toes point down, offer left hand forward. X. I'll hug it in. In how to reach it up. X, how center? In how to reach, last one.

Draw it in and inhale, take it out. Put your toes down. Put your hand down. Step to plank, and this time, straight back to your down dog. Inhale. Lift your left leg.

X, I'll need to know, step your foot forward between your hands. Watch your hands a few inches forward of your shoulders, slide your back foot halfway in, lift off your back leg. X how right knee behind left. In how to reach it out. X, how hug it in.

Inhull and stretch. Last one, fold in, and in how lengthen. Set right foot next to left fold in half. This time, instead of standing up, simply reach your heart back forward, Bend your knees and take your knees down. Stretch your right leg back pivot to the inner edge of your back foot.

Walk your left hand just off the left side of your mat. Firm your abdomen and lift your back leg. Bend your knee like you're gonna kick yourself in the bum. Maybe you pick up your right hand. And if accessible without strain, grab the front of your right ankle, smooth your bum away from your waist, open your heart.

Restrain through your leg, reach up, like, half moon with knee down, and then exhale, hand down, hip down, toes down. Set your back knee down. Stretch your left leg back. Tuck your toes under. And now roll.

The inner edge of your back foot down, hug the right hip in, walk your right hand just off the side of your mat, lift your back leg. Bend your knee. If accessible without strain, grab the front of your ankle. Smooth your bum away from your waist as you open your heart maybe invite your gaze to follow skyward. And press your heel straight back.

Take your arm straight up. Roll your hip down. Set your hand down. Foot down. Me down.

You made it. Come sit up. Right? Shift your feet out in front of you, stretching your legs long. Bring your hands back alongside your hips, root down through your sit bones just briefly. Lift and expand your heart. Draw your chin slightly and dandasana staff pose.

Bend your knees scooching bum towards the heels Walk your heels a little closer to your butt. Point your fingertips forward with your fingertips several inches behind your bum. And if your wrists or shoulders don't care for this shape, turn your hands out to give yourself more space. Lift your heart, wrap your outer arms back and in. And then press down through your heels, lift your hips, spin your inner thighs down as you smooth your bum forward, lift and open your heart. And if you can do so without strain to your neck, let your gaze follow skyward.

X house, set your bum back down. Make sure you have one of your blocks in reaching distance. Come lie down. Press into your feet, lift your hips, and slide your block under your sacrum at the lowest height. Take the soles of your feet together, open your knees to the sides. Press into the back of your arms, walk your shoulders under your chest, a little subtle lift and expanse through your heart, and then invite your arms to fall wherever you feel the greatest ease.

So we've moved through our recipe for practice. Patience, devotion, faith. And now we talk about some other tools we can use to remove those obstacles. Kreya yoga. The first bit of kreya yoga or the yoga of action is tapas.

To heat, to illuminate, as my teacher would say, to shine from within. If you're at ease in this shape, you can stay here for Shavasana. Otherwise, press into your feet, lift your hips, slide the block out. And then stretch your legs out. So tapas is discipline, austerity, It's an understanding that sometimes we have to do the hard things, the challenging things, the uncomfortable things, In order to gain greater understanding of self, in order to clear space, In order to break habits, we have to step into the fire burning off what is no longer serving us.

Stay here as long as you would like. If you have doing to return to, sweep your arms overhead really stretch open the whole front of your body. Think it for its efforts. Bend your knees roll carefully onto your right side. Tempering a bit of the fire, and then press the floor away, bringing yourself up to seated.

Join your hands at your heart. Lift your chest. Gaze towards the flame right there at the center of your heart. Namaste. Thank you for sharing your practice.

Have a beautiful day.


Lina S
1 person likes this.
A nice core-oriented practice. I enjoy the imagery used in this class. Thank you!
Ashley R
Thank you Lina S 🤗 I so appreciate your dedication to this challenge and your thoughtful comments❤️
Sandra Židan
I do feel my core muscles after doing this great practice! Thank you very much, Ashley! Namaste! ❤️
Jenny S
2 people like this.
Even though this was a core practice 😱 there was so much to love about it!  The choreography, along with your sweet and funny demeanor kept my mind engaged and I made it through!  This 20 minutes packed a punch - a GOOD punch! 🔥☄️💥
Ashley R
1 person likes this.
Sandra, you are so very welcome 🤗
Ashley R
Finding anything to love about a core practice is a big win in my book😂  Thank you for the lovely compliment 😘
Karen E
1 person likes this.
Agree this was a core practice in disguise! I will be coming back to it as it was great exercise (I tend to avoid)  in an enjoyable format. 
Ashley R
Every now and then we find a way to sneak the spinach in the brownies😜 I’m so glad you enjoyed the practice❤️
Tara L
1 person likes this.
Wow! There was a lot in this short practice, not just in terms of asana but also in the theme and messaging. I loved how you said, we tend to rush through things we don’t like or find difficult. So true! This was such a nice reminder to slow down and observe.  Thanks Ashley!
Ashley R
Thank you, Tara I’m happy to hear that the message landed. It’s one I remind myself of often❤️
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