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Season 1 - Episode 5

Knees and Groins

35 min - Practice


We often overwork the lower leg and under-utilize the upper leg, which can put unnecessary stress and strain on the knee. In this practice we'll learn to identify this discrepancy and focus on sparking the intelligence of the upper leg in a sequence of sneakily challenging seated poses. You will feel engaged, contemplative, and challenged.
What You'll Need: Mat, Round Bolster, Wall, Blanket (2), Block (2)

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Feb 01, 2024
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Lea M
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This was amazing!  This part of the leg is a trouble spot for me, and I now have a whole new insight on it.  Thank you!
Stephanie Tencer
Lea M wonderful! I’m excited for you 🙌
Pia A
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Very clear  explanation. I like your videos. Thank you very much. I hope we got many videos from you. 
Jeanne L
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Back to my roots of Iyengar Yoga....I will be doing more of these sessions! Thank you..

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