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Stephanie Tencer

Stephanie Tencer


Stephanie has experienced first-hand the power of an Iyengar Yoga practice. Coming from chronic and debilitating back pain, and the accompanying fear of doing anything that could make it worse, Stephanie spent a decade visiting numerous medical professionals hoping desperately that one of them would 'fix' her.

And then finally, she found Iyengar Yoga.

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For Stephanie, Iyengar Yoga has been a challenging and rewarding way to move her body, but more importantly it taught her how to respond to her body's nuances. It was by no means a 'quick fix' but the practice was engaging and made her feel safe and supported. The teaching was also incredibly empowering as she was able to witness herself becoming physically, mentally, and emotionally stronger.

As an Iyengar teacher and owner of Studio Po Iyengar Yoga in Toronto, Canada, Stephanie channels her passion for Iyengar Yoga into helping others. She especially loves teaching students who think they could never do yoga!

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