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In Season 4 of Asana Studies, Heidi shares a collection of fresh and innovative practices designed to bring us into an intimate awareness of our being. Moving with playful precision and curiosity, we explore techniques to help us discover a sensation of freedom and energy through the spine, tapping into our inner wellspring of power and creativity.
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Sep 12, 2015
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(waves crashing) Hi. Thanks for tuning in, thanks for checking out my show. It's funny, because I think of it as almost like my greatest hits of this moment. One of the things that we'll look at is leg folding. Leg folding.

It doesn't seem so interesting, but if you link the folding of the leg with some kind of cool snakey movement, it somehow leads power into and up the spine. And so, check that out. Another thing that we're going to play around with is this sense of finding freedom and looseness through the arms, actually. And how the arms have an extraordinary effect on the upper centers of the body, the throat and the chest of course. The heart and the lungs and how that can lead us into kind of finding a fearless backbend.

Another thing we'll look at is finding the power of our back bodies. It's kind of this elusive thing, this back, how to actually move the body from the width, the breadth of the back. Like, a great image would be a cape. Like, how does a sorcerer access the power of their cape and find all sorts of cool things in there. So, check that class out.

Another thing that we'll do is we'll piece out, break down-- no, not peace out, but pull apart chaturanga dandasana. It's a challenging pose, and all sorts of things can arise that make it difficult, but it's so powerful, like, if you can find that smooth glide through chaturanga into upper facing dog, back to downward facing dog, it's a wonderful feeling. So, we'll look at that. And another thing we'll explore is practicing in relationship to the wall. So, it'll be a strong, precise, clarifying practice using the wall in relationship to find support from it, but also elements of relationship, push-pull.

And then there are two short, quiet practices. I love them because they can come before or after a longer practice and they're quieting. One is exploring the spine from the back of the body into the front of the body. And the other is exploring the front body into the back body. So, kind of two approaches into intimate awareness of your being.

So, those are my offerings. I hope that you will let me know how they go. I would love to hear from you any insight that you find, receive. Anything that strikes you, let me know. We can communicate.

Thanks so much. Namaste.


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looking forward to relationship to wall-would hardly have a practice anymore without my friend the wall. It helps with some infirmities of aging.
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I hear you Sharon! It is a rare day when I don't call on the wall in practice. Blessings

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