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Season 1 - Episode 8

Calming, Centering Breath

5 min - Practice
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Julia guides us in a simple breathing practice designed to calm and relax the nervous system. We explore breathing into the belly, rib cage, and collarbones. You will feel more centered, peaceful, and grounded.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Namaste, I'm gonna share a breath with you which helps to calm and relax the nervous system and hopefully help you feel more grounded, centered, and peaceful. So, find a comfortable position where you can sit with the spine upright. Bring your hands onto your belly. Take a deep breath in, and as you breathe into the belly, feel it expand, feel your hands move away, and then exhale feel the belly moving in towards the spine. If you can, inhaling through the nose, smoothly as you inhale feel the belly expand, exhale through the nose feel the belly relax and soften in.

One more time, inhaling drawing the breath into the back body as well as the belly in the front, exhale softening. Bring the hands up onto the ribs now. I like, if you're comfortable to just bring the hands around to the opposite rib cage, and so it's like you're hugging yourself. Give yourself a nice little hug, and then inhale through the nose and bring the breath down into the rib cage, feel the ribs expand as you breathe in, feel them contract as you exhale, finding an easy soft smooth inhale exhale through the nose, inhale expand the rib cage, exhale soften. This time as you breathe in, see if you can bring the breath into the front of the ribs, but also into the back of the rib cage, expanding the torso front and back.

Exhale through the nose softening, and then bring the hands and rest them lightly on the collar bones, and see if you can bring the breath up into the chest as you inhale through the nose, exhale soften, inhale drawing the breath all the way up to the shoulders, feel the chest open, exhale soften. This time as you breath in, see if you can breath into the back of the shoulders, the back body, behind the heart expanding, exhale soften. Place one hand on the belly, one hand on the center of the chest, and we're gonna put that together, so inhale, feel the belly expand, feel the ribs widen, feel the breath move all the way up to the collar bones, and then exhale softening the chest, the ribs, and the belly. We're gonna inhale to a count of four, so inhaling one, two, three, four, pausing, exhale four, three, two, one. Continuing like this, inhale draw the breath from the base of the spine up, all the way up to the collar bones, exhale softening, belly draws in.

One more time, inhale one, two, three, four, exhale four, three, two, one, and then just release the hands, closing the eyes, take a natural breath in, exhale, and just for a moment just notice how you feel, and gently let the eyes open, namaste.


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