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Julia Berkeley

Julia Berkeley

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We love Julia's radiant presence, willingness, and generous heart. Her articulate voice communicates inner ease and a genuine interest in Connection.

Born in Burundi, central Africa, Julia has lived all over the world. She was educated in England, and then received a Bachelor of Arts in mathematics in the United States. That was followed by a 12 year graphic design career in both England and Australia. At the age of 29 she began to meditate daily. This practice transformed her life, guiding her on a journey of healing and home-coming. Julia has studied shamanic healing, energetic healing, meditation, EFT, soul care, Re-connective Healing, the Australian Bush Flower Essences, Kundalini dance, and more.

For Julia, an important practice of Bhakti yoga, the yoga of devotion, is a call and response chanting practice known as Kirtan. As well as the asana sequences offered, Julia shares her love of mantra and this practice of kirtan with you to ignite your heart and open you to an expansive field of love.

The practice of kirtan took Julia on a life-altering journey from never singing to recording 2 albums. You can listen to these healing transmissions on all music streams including her website, Spotify, Apple Music, and Bandcamp.

Spanning over 25 years, Julia’s yoga studies have been wide and varied with most significant influence from Saul David Raye, Kira Sloane and Yogrishi Vishvketu. She currently resides in Ojai, California where she has been teaching yoga for the last 8 years. She is now sharing yoga, soul-healing and kirtan online and can be found at

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