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Season 1 - Episode 4

Meet Your Breath

5 min - Practice


Like everything, the breath loves to be inspired. We drop in and let the movement of the lungs help hold our attention long enough to discover amazing truths about our breath. The result is a deep gratitude and intimacy with our own life force.
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(waves crashing) Welcome. Let's explore a few facts about our breath. So make sure you're in a comfortable position, maybe it's on the earth, maybe it's in a chair. Let your eyes close. Big deliberate inhale.

Exhale everything. Just do that one more time. Inhale and exhale. And with your eyes closed, so tenderly let your inner eye come to your left lung. And as your inner eye comes towards your left lung, let the breath help hold you here.

Feel the inhale and feel the exhale. Let yourself be curious about the back and the bottom of the lung. Right. And then so gently, so tenderly let your awareness, your inner eye move over to the right lung. Be aware of her expansion on the inhale and her ease on the exhale.

Good. Sweet. Let your awareness move back over to the left lung and as your awareness moves back over to the left lung, and you can feel the movement of the breath here, just notice like as soon as you bring your attention to your breath she responds, yes? This is fact number one. Let your awareness come back over to the right lung.

Fact number two, even though she responds immediately, fact number two, she's been here this whole time. Okay. Nice, again move your awareness back over to your left lung and this time, as you come back to your left lung, has it become obvious to you yet that your left lung is smaller? Almost by about a third. Okay, she's smaller because she has sacrificed one of her lobes for the heart.

Now just to see, bring your awareness back over to the right lung and see if you notice that she's usually bigger on most of us. Fact number three, as you're bringing your attention to the breath, she's never asked for anything. Okay, back over to the left and as you come back over to the left with your awareness and your attention can you be aware of the relationship of the breath and the heart? Can you feel how the heart tucks in and is received by the left lung? Can you feel this relationship here?

Okay so fact one, the breath responds immediately. Fact two, she's been here this whole time. Fact three, she's never really asked anything of you. I mean what other relationship is like this? And so gently now from the region of the heart and the left lung drop your awareness down to the diaphragm, which sits just underneath this mechanism.

And just let your breath widen a little bit because here's the fourth fact we'll explore today. The breath loves to be inspired. So with your awareness in this region of the diaphragm, maybe just drop just below the diaphragm, just below to this little spot the yogis call the wish fulfilling tree and with your awareness right here, on your next inhale, hear the word love as you inhale. And as exhale, let it be quiet. And as you inhale, hear the word love, perhaps letting this affect the breath.

And as you exhale, let it be quiet, maybe one more time. Beautiful because the breath like everything loves to be inspired. Relax the effort, rest. Namaste.


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What a simple and beautiful way of experiencing the Breath !
Just love and quiet...
Dearest Locana, Happy to hear. xok
What inspiring facts about the Breath!
I am bringing them to my students awareness in my next class.
This is truly a practice towards self love! ??Kira
Gabriella! So glad to be in this exploration together. xok
Wonderful part of my morning. Thank you!
Hi Kit and Dee Dee! LOVE you guys!

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