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Season 1 - Episode 13

Touching Your Heart

5 min - Practice


Kira invites us to touch in with this simple awareness practice to help the heart feel softer, more sensitive, and receptive.
What You'll Need: No props needed


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So, let's touch in with the heart. Be in a comfortable seated position, maybe it's on the earth, maybe it's in a chair. Interlace your fingers in front of you, turn your palms forward and go up. Stretch through one side, stretch through the other, get a little bit of length in there. Eventually, inhale and then exhale, let your arms come back down and let's do that again.

Interlace your fingers with the weird knuckle on top, turn your palms forward, go up. Stretch up through one arm, stretch up through the other. Get a little bit of length, nice. Let your arms come out along the side. Now with here, I like to bend the elbows a little bit, roll your shoulders back and down and then stretch through the pinkies, middle, ring, index, thumb like lengthen, okay, nice.

Eventually now, flex the hands, turn the fingertips back toward you, soften the elbows, shoulders roll back and down and re-reach, nice. Might feel a little nervy, generally it's okay. Turn the fingertips behind you, continue to reach and then curl the fingertips down towards the earth and then pull them in towards you. Give your shoulders a bit of a break by letting the elbows bend again, shoulders roll back and down and then re-extend. Just a few more moments here.

Soften the upper palate, easier in the back of the heart. Nice, curl your fingertips in and stretch through the tops of the fingers. We, usually, call this swan head stretch and now release the fingertips back up toward the sky, last few moments, soften the elbows, re-extend through the hands, yes. Then as you are ready, let your elbows bend, let your hands face in towards you. Soften the gaze or even let the eyes close and now the key here is you soften the back of the heart and you soften the hands, what's required to start to touch the invisible is a more subtle touch, so let your fingertips feel more sensitive, more tender, maybe eyes are closed or soften the mouth and what we're wondering here is can you maybe start to sense the gentle force between your hands?

And even as you maybe sense this gentle force, sometimes it helps to play with it a little bit like let the hands pulse gently. More soft, more tender and if what I'm suggesting isn't there then it's not. Okay but if you happen to catch this, the yogis say that the hands are mortar organ of the heart. So what you are sensing here is this quality of you. Maintain the connection here as you let hands come down to rest on your legs, palms turned up.

Now soften the back of the heart, open up the upper palate. Let the head find a balance point and can you feel this tender, receptive quality in the hands and as perhaps you can feel this tender, receptive offering generous quality in the hands. This ability to be more sensitive, can you allow for the same feeling in the heart? Let the heart feel softer, more sensitive, more receptive, kinder in the eyes. Just a few more moments here, let the belly relax.

And the play is can you let this quality of heart touch everything we do. Namaste.


Locana S
1 person likes this.
Kira, just love how your bring image softly in my mind. Thanks.
Kira Sloane
Dearest Locana, thank you for being here. xok
Georgina P
Lovely :) Thanks Kira.
Beth H
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This just created a lovely moment. Thank you.
Kira Sloane
Beth, LOVE!
Kira Sloane
Georgina !
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heart opening can be difficult! Wonderful way to practice!
Kira Sloane
Thank you for being here, Sav. xok
Kate M
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Beautiful introduction to sensing the heart... goes so well with your "Heart-full" meditations... lovely.

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