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Season 2 - Episode 1

Welcome to Season 2

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Kira and Jules introduce Season 2 of Anatomy for Yogis by discussing her the findings of Jules' thesis project in Biomechanics and the role of the nervous system and how she applies her extensive research to yoga. The sequences that follow will allow you to find a new freedom and stability.
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Jul 07, 2015
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Thanks Kira and Jules! Great convo!
Thanks Kit! :)

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Hi Jules. I love your approach based on the reality of our bodies and how they work. Lots of great stuff in your show. I was wondering if you had any advice on caring for our elbows. Several years of intense ashtanga are starting to take their toll on my not-so-young body, and especially wrists and elbows. Gratitude for everything you give:)
Hi Frederic, While I can't provide specifics for your individual situation over the internet, keep in mind that if the shoulders aren't positionally situated to keep up with the demands of a regular practice, the elbows and wrists will take on more than they should. You may want to experiment with less regulation of position in search of a more natural alignment - based on what you are working with on any given day. I know that doesn't say much - but there's a lot there if you step back take a broader view. Happy yoga-ing.
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Can't wait to watch this series! When I am in a pose I often try to imagine what muscles are working and how my center of gravity is shifting. I only wish there was a yoga unit when I took Biomechanics! ;)

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