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Season 3 - Episode 8

Good Old Fashioned Flowdown

35 min - Practice


This is all about having a good time, getting a little sweaty, and being yourself. Jessica offers us a fun flow that, like her, is full of personality. You'll feel like you've just practiced with a dear friend.
What You'll Need: Mat

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I can not help but say ... I think you are total awesomeness. I love your daring invitations that bring me into combinations I've never experienced before. Novel, daring, super fun! Thanks a bunch!
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awe!!! This made my day! Celebrating awesomeness together. xoj
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This was my 1st class w/ Jessica. Loved her energy & personality. Found myself smiling the entire time. Thx
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Ok....I think I resembled the leotard and leg warmer comment in the 80s :)...that being said, LOVE your humor and yoga sequences. I would love it if you would do a beginners class. I am trying to engage my 12 year old and she is having a hard time. I think your approach and personality would be great for her.
I love that you are on YogaAnytime, Jessica!! So great that you can teach right in my home when I can't make it to your studio. You always keep me smiling you bring fun and sparkle to yoga!
Thank you all for the sweet words! Nina - Yes, I was that leotard and leg warmer person as well and my teacher was my idol! We will see if kid's yoga is in the future but I also have students who bring their "tweens" to class for adults and it can be great meeting them at that level too. At your discretion of course but I have found that sometimes that age might benefit more for a class that isn't necessarily for "kids" as they are trying on what it feels like to move away from being a kid and into the transitionary years of moving towards adulthood. And Rebecca! Yay for being on yoga anytime! xoxo-jessica
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Lovely start of the day, thanks from Sweden !
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Thank You for this Flow and your funny and helpful Comments
Thank YOU Rebecca! Super happy that you have enjoyed the class and grateful to be able to share in the practice together!
Thank you Johanna & John! Happy that you have enjoyed the class!
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