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The Vinyasa Show

Sometimes you just want to move. This is a collection of practices designed to challenge your strength, build stamina, generate heat, and inspire the opening of your heart.

Season 1 - Brenda Lear

Conscious flow is all about intention. Brenda guides us through a dynamic conscious flow to awaken our intentions and build strength, stamina, and positivity. She offers variations as we play towards challenging arm balances, inversions, and deeper backbends.

Season 2 - Alexandra Kambler

Alexandra's sequences are both fluid and dynamic, keeping our bodies in a perpetual dance-like wiggle, shimmy, and flow that speaks to her interest in both strength and innovative and creative expression of movement.

Season 3 - Jessica Garay

The act of finding connection with the world around us begins through a fierce exploration of the challenges and vulnerabilities available in our physical practice. Jessica's humor, joy, and lightness invites us to play with her in the asana in a way that allows us meet our challenges with a smile.

Season 4 - Brenda Lear

Brenda is back and this season she leads us in a series of playful and dynamic vinyasa flow classes to help us move out of our heads and into our hearts. Each practice will start with grounding postures and build up to a repetitive and rhythmic flowing sequence to help you feel present and alive.

Season 5 - Rosemary Garrison

In Season 5, Rosemary brings her love of the creative and explorative space available within to her vinyasa sequences. With clear and spacious guidance, she hopes to shake up our standard practice offering experiments designed to meet our moods, bodies, and what we're interested in on a given day.

Season 6 - Audra Carmine

In Season 6, Audra offers a collection of dynamic and groovy vinyasa flow sequences with life lessons to match. Her classes will include creative transitions and movements to help you be with yourself and allow the opportunity to practice radical self-love.

Season 7 - Sarah Beston

Move like you. In this season, Sarah shares a variety of sequences to help you generate heat, build strength and flexibility, and invite a fresh flow of vibrancy and energy into the body.

Season 8 - Nicole Inglish

This season, Nicole will share a wide variety of sequences from gentler, slower practices to more dynamic and playful flows to help enliven your day.

Season 9 - Mary Beth LaRue

This season, Mary Beth will share a series of spacious Vinyasa flow practices to promote a sense of balance in the body, breath, and mind. Throughout the season, we will explore twisting, arm balancing, hip and heart opening, and inversions. You will feel more calm, centered, and spacious.

Season 10 - Sarah Beston

This season of intuitive hour-long flows taps into the element of water. Like a river rushing within its banks, we create a strong but supple container for the fluid movement within each pose, and feel inspired, vibrant, and alive.

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