Good Morning Yoga Artwork
Season 3 - Episode 9

Aligning with Inner Ease

30 min - Practice


Alana guides us into a place of inner ease with a few simple stretches and a seated meditation. Slowly and gently we find more space and length through the hips, back, ribs, and spine in preparation for a comfortable seat. As we approach meditation, we experiment with inviting qualities of affection, joy, ease, and appreciation into our awareness.
What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket (2), Block


(waves crashing) Welcome back. Thank you for showing up. Thank you for being here. So, in this practice we're gonna prepare for meditation. So, it'll be a fairly simple practice just t...


I had thought I wanted a more vigorous practice this morning but this turned out to be exactly what I needed! I feel nicely focused and refreshed. Thank you, Alana!
Hi Elaine, I'm so glad that you enjoyed the practice. Wishing you a beautiful day. xo Alana
Love the pace. So many yoga videos do not give you enough time to settle into or experience anything.
Hi Wynter, Thank you for dropping in with me! So glad you enjoyed the pace and practice.
Thanks Alana for this wonderful season! :)
Hi Ani, Thank you for being here! I am delighted to know that are practicing together. Please keep me posted on your yoga journey. Best wishes, Alana
Thank you Alana for this wonderful practice and season!
Thank you for tuning IN, Frederic! :)
This was such a profound practice for me. Alana I love your emphasis on comtemplation and your skill in guiding us inward. So looking forward to season 4 now!
Wow, Tiffany. I am so happy to be practicing together on Yoga Anytime! Please keep me posted on your journey. Best wishes, Alana
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