Yoga for 2: Prenatal and Postnatal Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 3

Shining from Within

15 min - Practice


Eden sweetly guides us in a meditation with a gentle practice working with breath and visualization. This practice promotes stillness, ease, and connection.
What You'll Need: No props needed


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(waves crashing) Hi imamas and welcome. I am very happy you're here with me and I'm happy to be here with you. This is a meditation with very little movement. We're mostly just working with breath and visualization. Something that worked really, that I feel like I needed on my journey after the birth of my daughter, which was about seven, almost seven months ago now.

I just needed a lot of stillness, little movement, lot of breath, and so if that's where you're at at whatever point in your journey whether it's been a week or nine months or two years, then I just want to offer this to you. Just take this time to be stillness. Promote some healing and connection with your body. So, let's just, if you can just join me in closing your eyes. Finding yourself in a very comfortable posture with a long spine.

Oh, and breathing. Nice deep breaths through your nose. Exhaling through your nose. Just noticing your sits bones resting on the Earth. Feeling supported.

Feeling grounded. And notice your spine lengthening with every breath. Shoulders just melting away from the ears. Hands growing softer, if they rest on your knees. Just bring your attention to your face.

Allowing it to be really soft and relaxed. Calm in the jaw. Soft in the eyes. Relaxed forehead. And just noticing now the relationship between your navel and your spine, maybe even placing your hand right there on your tummy as you inhale, just feel a little expansion happening.

And as you exhale, your navel just draws a little closer to your spine. Gentle little contraction at the end. Maybe just feeling the warmth of your hand touching your belly, just creating a little sense of calm and ease. Now just going a little deeper with the gaze, looking into the womb. Just seeing that sense of peace and calm generated from the breath, from your touch.

You're just saying a little silent thank you for all that it's done over this nine months, creating life and even your whole life leading up to it. Go ahead and just relax the touch of the hand, let it rest back on your knee. And noticing like the space and expansiveness in that area right between your navel and your sternum. And let it grow a little bit bigger now between the base of your pelvis and your heart center, feeling that spaciousness. And just fill it up with light, using your mind's eye.

It's like a radiant light, glowing from your womb, emanating from that area down into the Earth and up through the heart space. Letting it grow brighter with every breath. Maybe give it a color. If that helps you drop in more to that area, to that space. And notice the relationship between the brilliance of the light, and every breath that you take.

So maybe it expands with the inhalation through your body and starts to emanate out with the exhalation around your body. Let that breath just really nourish your womb. Nourish all the internal organs around it. And we'll just bring in, call in the face of your baby, of your child. And just noticing the suppleness and sweetness of their skin, their smile if they've begun to smile.

Maybe how peaceful and angelic they look when they sleep. Maybe just start to allow them to see that light of your womb. That light in your belly with their eyes. Just looking, they're looking at it now with maybe some curiosity, appreciation. And just reminding yourself that you have in collaboration with nature, with your partner, created this beautiful creature that lived here in your belly.

And just let there be an appreciation for that magic. And a sense of healing. A sense of energy as you move through this journey into motherhood. And let's just really slowly, keeping our eyes closed, just move over onto our sides into a fetal position. Just really tenderly, slowly, coming onto your side.

Resting your head on your arm, on your lower arm. Bring your upper hand to that space in your belly, just giving it a little gentle circular motion of massage, feeling it soften. Feeling the ease happening here. Notice your spine start to relax and soften a little bit. Eyes are soft.

Still seeing that light happening, that big, brilliant light though, shining in your womb. And from here we'll just roll over onto our backs as you're ready, really slowly, keeping our eyes closed. If you were sitting on a blanket maybe just set it aside. And connect the soles of your feet now to the Earth. And your pelvis, just resting into the gravity of the Earth.

Allowing yourself to be held. Allowing this whole area of your womb, your uterus, your ovaries, the birth canal, just to rest into the Earth. And as you're ready you'll just walk your soles of your feet out, so they're on the outer edges of your mat, just falling open, allowing your palms now to come open coming into shavasana. Shoulder blades under the back, and softening even more into the embrace of Mother Earth. Good.

Just resting here in shavasana for a few more breaths. Feeling embraced, feeling held. Letting the breath be free now, soft. And as you're ready we'll just roll over again onto our sides in a nice little fetal position. Just like how you might imagine your baby was when it was in your belly.

The spine really supple, and all those cells blossoming into life in there. Getting ready to come out into the world. And as you're ready, just start to come back up into seated with your eyes closed. Come into a cross-legged position. Just resting your hands on your knees once again.

Just feeling your vitality. Feeling the life inside you and around you. Your connection to nature. Your breath. And let's just place one hand again, on our belly, on that area of your womb.

Just feeling the warmth of your hand. The other hand on your heart. Noticing the connection between the two. Tuning into your own capacity for healing. And last couple of breaths.

And as you're ready, just bring your hands together at your heart, bowing down, acknowledging the magic of your body, just for one last breath. Big, deep inhalation through the nose. Exhaling through the nose. Very slowly and tenderly open your eyes. Coming back into the space.

Resting your hands back on your knees. Good. Thank you for sharing this meditation with me. Namaste.


Laura M
wonderful!! just what I needed! thank you

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