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Eden Flynn

Eden Flynn

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We love Eden’s natural sweetness and kindness. She radiates a pureness of heart and spirit that is rare to find, and she loves to move.

Eden's love of yoga began as a young girl and has continued to evolve throughout her life. She began to study yoga formally over 20 years ago as a student of Shiva Rae at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). She then continued to study and be inspired by many other Teachers, including Mark Whitwell and Kira Sloane.

She is now an Ayurvedic Health Educator & Practitioner specializing in women's health, womb wellness and hormonal health across the motherhood continuum. She has had the great honor of serving as a Wise Earth Ayurveda Tutor & Educator for the WiseEarth school of Ayurveda created by the world renowned Ayurveda Teacher and Pioneer Maya Tiwari. Her Yoga classes are designed around the seasons and cycles of women's bodies, and she has an Ayurveda practice that also supports women's health throughout the life-span.

Eden’s effervescent nature shines through her teaching. She loves the opportunity to share the tools of yoga as a way to connect in to the magnificent changes that are occurring in the body during pregnancy. As she says, “When I find something I love and it gives me a lot of goodness in my life, I just want to share that with people.” Eden is a mother of two vibrant young children and one 22 year old bonus son.

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