Yoga for 2: Prenatal and Postnatal Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 11

The Babies Have the Floor

5 min - Practice
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A lot of motherhood is about going with the flow. This short floor sequence invites our babies into the practice and acknowledges that sometimes they decide what the yoga looks like.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Feb 18, 2016
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Hi, welcome! We're here with Kristin and Rudd and Johanna and Charlie and this is Ruby and we're just going to show you a couple of things to do around the house when you want to do a practice and you want to involve your little one. So, let's just start, since they're all kind of relaxing in our laps right now, lengthening the spine, grounding, relaxing the shoulders. Good, let's inhale and just take a little tilt over if you want. Free up one arm. Yeah, entertain Rudd with your fingers, whatever you need to do to help him enjoy his yoga.

Good. Back up through the center. Let's switch the cross of our legs. It requires a little bit of core strength. Yes.

Inhale, reach it up, exhale stretch it over. See if you can stay grounded through the sits bones. Hi Charlie. Come all the way back up. Good.

Since they're calm and at ease right now, let's just do some circles. Just rolling our torso around in a circle, breathing with it. Yeah, sometimes you have to bring your hands and your face into your practice in ways that you never imagined. I find myself making some pretty funny faces sometimes during yoga. Okay, breathing.

Good, let's just start to wind our way back into neutral. So let's see little ones, do you want to try... Let's stretch our legs out in front, just take a little forward fold and we can sometimes I like to sit Ruby out here so I can give her a little hello, a little kiss, hi, while I stretch. So just lengthening out that spine, grounding through the legs, if you need to, you can bend the knees a little. Hi sweetie, hi.

Good. And then rolling out of it, come back up. If they're ready, and if you're ready, a lot of times it's just going with their flow, and doing what you can. Draw your heel in towards your perineum there, and then maybe extend this leg out just a tad at an angle. Hi.

And then just reach over, extend that torso out, flex the foot. Hi. Get a little stretch, grounding through the sits bones, breathing. Yeah, Rubes. Then as you're ready, and as they're ready, we'll just switch sides.

Just bringing one foot in, extending the other leg out. Do you want to hang out on my leg? Good, extend the spine long, reach over to the side, get a nice couple breaths. Beautiful, lengthening. So connecting with your body and with your baby at the same time.

Just coming out of it gently. Good. Then you might just bring your feet together, knees open, just play around with extending through. Hi. Good.

As you're ready, you can just roll on up. And just take a moment to thank your babies, thank yourselves and here we go. Namaste.


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