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The Song of Self Artwork
Season 3 - Episode 18

2.37: Just Do It

5 min - Talk


James recites and translates verses 2.37 from the Gita. Krishna shares encouraging advice, reminding us that when we engage on the path of authentic action there is no loosing. James invites us to be clear, decisive, and remain alert as we take action and follow the voice of inner guidance.
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Dec 25, 2015
Jnana, Bhakti
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kṛṣṇa says rise, engage, do it, in many ways throughout the bhagavadgītā; but it is worth repeating again and again.  Because when you receive encouragement, either from someone or from yourself the first step becomes easier...and it puts the fear of failure in perspective...
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Well, didn't I need to hear this just now! These verses have been (once again) falling uncannily into my consciousness at just the right time... : )

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