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The Song of Self Artwork
Season 3 - Episode 45

2.68: Hold Your Senses Well

5 min - Talk


James recites and translates verses 2.68 of the Gita. When you can hold your senses well and work with the senses mindfully with steady awareness, then you can deepen your connection to your innate wisdom.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Jun 17, 2016
Bhakti, Jnana
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I really like thinking of the senses like horses.  To me it means they have a life of their own, a free spirit, they are sensitive and they are not enemies...  Like a horse will only cooperate when treated with kindness, patience, and intelligence, treat them that way.  And teach them to work together.  It is a beautiful life long project.  I have taken note of all the verses talking about the senses.  I am paying more attention to mine.  It is so interesting!!  With gratitude x

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