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Cheri introduces to the first season of Therapeutic Yoga, where she shares therapeutic yoga practices weaving restorative postures, gentle movement, breath work, and guided imagery to promote deep relaxation, stress and anxiety reduction, and healing. With the help of Jodi, Francine, and Ellen, Cheri guides us in sequences specifically for breast cancer, yoga for caregivers, immune function support, insomnia, and more.
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Oct 15, 2015
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(waves crashing) Hi, I'm Cheri Clampett, and I want to welcome you to the first season of therapeutic yoga, yoga for healing. In this series of wonderful videos, we'll be offering you some healing practices such as therapeutic yoga for immune strengthening, immune enhancement, also for breast cancer, some chair yoga for when you're at work or on a plane and you need to unwind or release tension. Also, for caregivers that give so much in their life, a practice to come back to the mat to nourish the self. All of these practices are great for stress reductions. So you can do any of them and receive the benefits of feeling free from stress, which, as we know, is so detrimental to our health and wellness.

So in this sequence, you'll notice that there is a tutorial video about props that will guide you in how to make your own props if you're traveling, or you don't have your bolster with you, your blankets, how you can get creative with pillows, towels, scarves, all kinds of things you still do your practice wherever you are. This is a prop-intensive practice because it does include restorative yoga. So therapeutic yoga is a blend of gentle yoga movements. You'll see some movements are happening during the poses, some coming in or out. Also includes restorative poses where you're held by blankets, bolsters, props that give this beautiful opening, and the ability to stay in the pose longer, therefore, receiving additional benefits of opening tight areas, connective tissue muscles, creating enhanced energy flows.

Also, therapeutic yoga includes things like guided imagery or meditation for healing because we know when we engage our mind, our imagination, there's tremendous benefits that happen on a cellular level, and it's a perfect time to do it when you're practicing yoga and in the stillness of the meditation of, let's say, a restorative pose. Also, they'll be some self-healing, some touch healing, and some self massage just through the movement that are offered in the poses. I have some beautiful Yoginis that are joining me to share this practice with you who are in their own experiences of healing or needing deeper sleep. So it's wonderful to share these people that are, in their own way, going through healing and sharing their journey with us in a very personal way. I want to mention that if you are watching the show and you've been diagnosed with cancer, that there will be certain things that you'll you want to be aware of.

One is if you're recently out of surgery, four to six weeks is a good time to start to do these gentle practices. You can always come and join us on the mat and breathe and do the visualization but staying away from deep movements into the surgery site, wherever it may may be. You can always modify, though. You can show up, turn on one of the programs, and do what feels right to you. So always being tuned in, listening, each step of the way, and letting a pose go if it doesn't work for you.

It's also always a good idea to check with your doctor, your physician, your health care practitioner, about the practice for you. The other thing I wanted to mention is we'll be doing some beautiful breath work, some heart and belly breaths and breathing into areas that need healing, and that's always a wonderful practice to soothe, calm, and nourish the body and spirit. So I look forward to sharing this practice with you. Thank you so much for being here. Namaste.


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Cheri has such a gift of intuitive healing and practical knowledge. I am so grateful to be able to learn from and enjoy these videos! xoxo
Thank you Sharon, I'm so glad to be able to be here with you through Yoga Anytime! xoxo
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hi cheri I just joined for the trial offer.... I'm so happy you're helping so many people! your videos will help me to teach some of my yoga students who face challenges in their lives!
Hi Cherryl, Thanks for joining us! It's wonderful to hear you will also share with your students some of the healing teachings offered here. Wishing you all the best! xoxo

Cheri, I am so happy to connect with you following my neurosurgery. I know you to be an amazing healer, and am looking forward to learning new ways to be with my body. Let the healing begin!
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Thank you Cheri!!! This is fantastic to have this available and such a support. Your Therapeutic Yoga classes with Arturo have been fantastic, and this is a great refresher, reminder, and seeing these and hearing your encouraging guidance is just perfect for me! I continue to teach TY at our local studio, and I know with these videos, I'll continue to be inspired and motivated to do my best work! Namaste!
Hi Christine, I encourage you to be gentle and compassionate with yourself in this time of healing. Sending healing light your way! xoxo
Hi Esther, I'm so glad to hear your teaching is going well! Thanks for joining me here, how great to know you are watching and inspired to share with your students as well. xoxo

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