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Therapeutic Yoga

Therapeutic Yoga is designed to restore wholeness and to balance our nervous system, promoting deep relaxation, rejuvenation, and healing. You will discover a blend of restorative postures incorporating gentle movement, breath awareness, and guided imagery. These practices help to reduce stress and anxiety, and give us permission us to slow down and embrace support, where we rest in a quality of Being rather than doing.

Season 1 - Yoga for Healing

Cheri Clampett, with the help of Jodi, Francine, and Ellen, guides us in healing practices for breast cancer, enhancing the immune function, insomnia, and deep relaxation. Included in this season is a yin yoga practice for caregivers, as well as a more active chair yoga sequence.

Season 2 - Yoga for Stress, Anxiety, and Grief

In Season 2, Cheri invites us to turn inward towards that which is calling us. This season she will offer gentle and restorative yoga practices to sooth the nervous system during time of stress, trauma, heartbreak, and anxiety.

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