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Season 1 - Episode 4

Inviting the Elements In

10 min - Practice


Katie shares an invocation to the practice on her way to dropping us into a meditation designed to connect us with and harmonize the five elements—earth, water, fire, air, and ether—in the body.
What You'll Need: No props needed


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(waves crashing) So let's begin with an invocation to the practice and a meditation for calling in for invoking, for connecting to the elements in our body and in the outside world. So the meaning of this chant that you'll hear is... The short version is that this chant allows me to feel humbled and emptied out to receive the light that the teachings of yoga can bring into my life. So you can close your eyes, you can keep them open, but find your breath and as you hear my voice just let these sounds inundate the mind. Let the body be penetrated by these sounds but most importantly let your own heart pray in whatever way feels normal and comfortable for you that your practice be this way, that it be full of light.

(singing in foreign language) Closing your eyes if they were open, bring your awareness inward and find this ever occurring miracle that is the breath. Feel that as you inhale you could follow the inhale like a surfer riding the waves behind me. Feel like you could be with and walk through every millimeter of this breath out and this breath in. And this breath out. And this breath in.

As you connect to your breath, what typically happens is that everything that's sitting just beneath the surface, mentally, emotionally, even physically, starts to come up and rise. And so as you connect to breath and you turn your attention inward, it's quite normal that you may initially feel resistance, emotion, or even that your mind speeds up. Continue to be with the flow of inhale and exhale. Beautiful and as you stay with the breath, now walk your attention down your body like you are dropping through the spine like a plumb line down, down, down. Drop your focus down your body and if you want to use your hand, it's nice to place your hand, the right hand at the lower belly and as you breath in, feel yourself connecting deep low into the very Earth root of your body.

And as you breath your inhale in and down into the sacrum, the pelvic floor, even it's as if your groins are breathing, sense that you are connecting with this element of Earth with steadiness, stability, support. Widen your inhale into the Earth area of your body as if almost like the legs themselves are breathing downward. Do two more breaths in the Earth of your body. If you're using your hand, gently bring it upward and bring your attention up a little higher into this realm of water, the reproductive organs, the lower back, kidneys, adrenal glands, just feel that you could inhale and even breath into the back of your body and sense that you're connecting with this place in you that is fluid and juicy and soft and healthy. Take a few more breaths into this realm of water.

Up; your attention moves, you can move your hand as well if you like. Feeling the navel sensor kind of right behind your belly button solar plexus. Connecting to fire, this place in me that can transform, that can digest, transmute. Breath into this realm of your body. Feel this element be purified and nurtured by Earth.

Slowly, slowly, attention rises upward. I place my hand on my heart. The lungs breath in air. Feel the quality of air in the lungs in the heart area as lightness; easy mobility. Like a cool breeze.

And again, up and you can place your hand on the throat. You don't have to if that feels unnatural to you. Moving into this fifth element, the element of spaciousness; ether. And from your throat and up into your head, just feel empty. The mind vast like a bright blue sky.

Call in, purify, the element of ether. Good. Place both hands down on the tops of your thighs and just sense your awareness. Gently, slowly, move back downward into your legs and your belly feeling that all these five elements have now been blessed and welcomed and harmonized. Notice how this practice, short connection to the elements affects the mind.

When you're ready you can bring your hands together in prayer or you can continue to meditate from here or as you're ready, gently bow the head. Then begin to open the eyes as you make your way back into the world. Thank you.


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Very beautiful practice
Love this practice and your delivery of it. Looking forward to doing more of your practices. This one was the first to make my favorites. Thank you and Namaste

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