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Season 1 - Episode 6

Grounded Meditation

10 min - Practice


Where the attention goes, the energy and prana flows. Katie guides us in a visualization meditation for grounding energy. You will feel stable, rooted, and connected.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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(waves crashing) Let's do a practice for grounding energy. If you've done any of the asana classes with me or the other meditations, you know, the primary work we do in this style of yoga is moving and channeling and connecting to energy. It may sound a little bit out there but really it's available to anyone at anytime. The basic rule here is: whatever I focus and wherever I focus inside my body, instantaneously prana is going to move there. So if I'm focused there, prana will go there.

Particularly if I can be lovingly focused there. So today's practice for grounding prana will make you feel more stable, more rooted, more connected, and what I find, it also really just is like an off button for too much thinking. So this is a great practice to do if you're feeling any of those things. So to do the practice, simply close your eyes and feel that as you close your eyes you begin to move that focus that we talked about inside your body. Normally our attention is going out of us through the gateways of the five senses.

Now we begin to move the awareness inward. Feel your attention dropping down your body all the way to where you feel or sense your tail bone. And now if that's a little elusive to you, you can kind of just shake the body from left to right, left to right. Just teeny tiny shifting and feel where is the very center of that movement left to right at the lowest part of my body. And right around there is this realm where we have the most access to a type of prana called apana vayu.

This downward flow of life force. It's the divine intelligence that knows how to draw a baby out of its mother's womb. It expresses itself in so many ways. It comes through when we finally let go and forgive someone. There are all these beautiful ways that apana helps us.

So feel into this part of your body and I'm going to guide you through a visualization that will help you connect to this energy of downward flow, grounding. Some of you may be good at visualizing; you like it. Some of you aren't so great and that's fine. And many of us are feeling beings and so if you just feel and intend, then the prana will move. So on your next inhale, breath your life, your awareness down into the roots of the body.

Right where you felt the center of that movement. And as you breath out, I want you to pour your attention down into the Earth. As you breath in feel awareness drop down the body. As you breath out feel it leave the body and drop all the way into the core of the Earth. Do that five more times.

Inhale, exhale core of the Earth. Inhale, exhale core of the Earth. Relax the backs of the eyes. Soften the jaw. Now continue doing this and we're gonna add in that element of seeing in the body.

Visualize in your body whatever way you like. At this place of a low deep root a downward facing dark blue triangle. Breath in to the point of the triangle. It's facing downward into the Earth, and breath out and see that it leads through the point and all the way into the ground. Inhale downward facing dark blue triangle and now as you breath out and press it into the Earth, I want you to see a lightning bolt pressing down and out powerfully through the base through the point of the triangle.

Inhale downward facing triangle, exhale lightning bolt, down and out. And as you continue this, I even want you to hear the sound of lightning, that static electricity, powerfully grounding you into the Earth. Do that eight more times and sense as you do this that any negativity, any disease, any imbalance, any stress, any tension, it's just down and out. Down and out. Down and out.

The mind begins to wander into the realm of thought. Come back to that downward facing triangle. And really connect to that white light of lightning. Electric light down and out. Feel that you are accessing, perhaps, an unknown super power that you have to be in communion with and co-creation with this downward force.

The life bringer. The life creator. Feel free to just soak in this downward force. It's just so healing. Especially for this time in the world to be grounded on the planet.

Feel free to stay in this meditation and even add your own mantra if you work with that. But when you're ready you can gently bring the palms to the heart. Bow the head. Begin to just slowly come back into the world but a part of you stays connected to this downward force inside your body. Namaste.


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This helps!
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This meditation worked so well for me, I decided to do it every day for a little while. Thank you!
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Wow... loved this meditation. The lightning bolt is such a wonderful visual to magnetically power down into Apana Vayu! Thank you, Thank you. :)
I felt so grounded after your meditation. I really would not like to stop the meditation, because I felt so deeply rooted.
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Loved this, so beautiful - thank you, thank you
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Deep medicine here : ) thank you : )
Calming - thankyou
This was soooo grounding. Loved the visual and felt so calm & powerful afterward. Thank you!!

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