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Season 1 - Episode 7

Water Flow: Ease and Surrender

55 min - Practice


The lesson of water is 'I am not struggling.' Katie leads us through a watery and fluid practice with undulations to drop us deep into the hips and help us find a sense of freedom in the body. We peak with Agnistambhasana (Firelog Pose). You will feel easeful and satisfied.
What You'll Need: Mat


(water rushes) So I'm really excited to do this practice with you because it's dedicated to water, which is my favorite totem element. The lesson of water in our bodies and the invocat...


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Completely lovely practice in every way - yay!
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Wonderful, unexpected. Thank you!
Wow, such a freeing, grounding practice. I feel completely relaxed and loose. Thank you!
Beautiful practice! My mantra for today is "No struggle". My hips feel wonderfully open, and I feel at ease, even though I am facing difficult challenges in my life right now. I can face these challenges, but I don' have to struggle!

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Goodmorning your classes are beautiful please can we have some more ! Do you ever do workshops / retreats in Europe? Warm wishes x
LOVED this practice! I feel so connected to myself :)
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Aaaahhhh just what I needed!!!!! Great sequence! Thank you!!!!
Really connected with the water concept and the fluid motions - lovely sequence.
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hola Katie - thanks for the watery love!
I first encountered that "firelog" pose oh, easily 10+ years ago on the Paul Grilley Foundations of a quiet practise dvd. When i saw it I thought - "oh that looks cool and easy" and just could not believe how difficult, actually impossible it was for me. Today you said" if you´re a big strong guy your firelog may look like this" which really made me smile cos what you demonstrated was EXACTLY my firelog - still! and I am soooo the opposite of a big strong guy!!! I just keep trying it however and making it "watery" somehow made it less yuccky! Felt good afterwards !
Thanks loved the practice...
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