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Season 1 - Episode 8

Daily Ayurvedic Routines

20 min - Talk


In order to be successful in our yoga and spiritual practices, we must first take care of ourselves. Katie offers practical and nourishing daily self-care tips to help set the tone for the day and help us reconnect with essential daily rhythms that nature provides.
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Sep 15, 2015
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(waves) So one of the most powerful ways that we can supercharge our spiritual practice and the goals that we have for daily life is our relationship to daily routines for health and w...


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very helpful Ayurveda information - tools that can be integrated into my day. Explanation is presented in a very engaging way . it is a great video
Hi Katie,  this video was very helpful.  Question: how do you not clog up your pipes with oil?  I used to massage myself with oils in the morning, but my clothes would get damaged, or if I showered, the oil would get into the drains.  I worried about the drain.  How do you work with this challenge?

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