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Season 1 - Episode 11

Second Chakra Meditation

10 min - Practice


Access the sensual and creative center within. Katie leads us through a visualization, meditation, and chant to access our Sacral or Second Chakra.
What You'll Need: No props needed


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(wave crashes) Let's do a practice for accessing some of that radiance and vitality and sensuality that I discussed in the talk on Ayurveda and sexuality. What I'd like for you to do is find a comfortable seat. You can sit on a blanket, pillow, and just feel like you can be restful and easeful for about fifteen minutes. Find your seat, close your eyes, and feel your spine tall. What I would first like you to do is to take your hand and place your hand on your heart, and place your other hand on your belly, just wherever intuitively feels right for accessing that creative, regenerative force of Shakti.

As you breathe in, let your inhale expand into the belly and move up into the heart. As you exhale, it moves down from the heart and the naval draws back on the spine. Keep doing this. Inhale first, fill up your belly, your hand. Exhale back down.

As you continue to fill the tank, the well of the creative center, the sacrum is the same root as sacred, sacred bowl. What I'd love for you to do is I want you to remember a time in your life when you felt so very in love or so very seen, so very loved. It could be that you were in love with a partner in that way, in a traditional way, but it can also be an animal or a place, or a moment in your life when you felt so completely alive that you lacked for nothing or no one. Call that moment to mind. As you remember being in the room with the depths of love, notice what begins to happen in the body.

Good. Gently, gently, take both hands now and place them on your low belly, and as you inhale, sense this area in the front of you, in the back of you, and to the sides of you, expanding with your presence. Then as you exhale, feel your mind drop back into the very center of the body where you think the spine would be. Again, I'm going to inhale out to the boundary at this level in all directions, and exhale, draw it back into the core of the body. Repeat that.

Inhale to the boundary. Exhale to the core. As you do this practice, I want you to be mindful. Where in this place in me is there sticky stuff, tight spots, dark spots, scary spots, numb spots, and where does it feel, one great way of knowing you're clearing the prana is where does it feel at home in my body? As you continue to practice call in the sense of love, remembering the love.

If the mind wanders, draw it back. Inhale to the boundary in all directions. Exhale to the core. Stay very in this area of your body, and when and if you find these sticky spots, these spots where maybe even you feel emotion arise, simply let them be there. You are not trying to fix yourself.

You are bringing this Shiva, this loving, divine, masculine essence to the very abode of power, Shakti. A few more rounds, inhale to the boundary. Exhale to the core. As you investigate now, this area, what I want you to see is that if you have held the awareness there, it's probably changed in there. You may feel a little more room, a little more at home, a little more light, or you may feel totally emotional right now and that's okay.

Continue to shine this loving light of your awareness into that area. Now we'll bring in the sounds, this seed syllable for this loving body, the health and radiance and sensual, sexual vitality. S-O-M, som, so inhale. Exhale, hear the sound som. Inhale to the boundary.

Som. Continue if it helps you to chant aloud, please feel free. Som. Som. Som.

Som. Now, since the second chakra area of your body, svadhisthana, feel it. Is there a little more room to breathe? Is there a little more clarity around what is there? Take note what thoughts and feelings have risen up in me as a result of being in my sexual, creative center.

Then feel perhaps the prana, the life force, the energy. Maybe it's a little more homogenized there. There's a little more movement. Now you have accessed sleeping prana. It will be available for you to use as sexual life energy in whatever way you so choose.

Now slowly again, we'll bring the hands, both of them this time, to the heart. I like to do this where you're actually placing your palms on your body. There's this flesh to flesh contact. Breathe into the heart, and know, at any moment I can drop in. I can drop into this bowl that is my sacred seat of regeneration, of sexuality, of rejuvenation, and I can access this power.

Let's slowly bring the hands together, and what I'd like you to do to close, keep your eyes closed, rub the palms together really vigorously, again coming into sensual energy, rub the tongue over the teeth. Feel yourself coming back into the physical body, and once you have a lot of heat, place the hands over the eyes. Open the eyes and then feel that radiance, that power of prana rejuvenating you, and you can come back and you're ready to go for the day. Thank you.


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Thank you so much. This is a beautiful meditation.
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