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Season 2 - Episode 3

Fire Flow

50 min - Practice


In the spirit of transformation, Katie helps us to connect with the element of fire in both our physical and subtle body. She guides us in a fiery flow to generate steadiness and inspiration, and leads us in the breathing technique, Agni Sara, before closing with a sweet cool-down.

See more detailed instruction of this pranayama practice here.
What You'll Need: Mat, Block

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(waves crashing) So this is a practice for connecting with the element of fire inside of you, in your body, in your subtle body, and even in the more subtle mental and emotional realms, the beautiful gift of fire. And if you watch the video that I gave on the elements in the doshas is that it offers us this capacity to take one thing and transform it into something else. So when you come to the mat today, really just bring forward this intention that I'm coming forward with whatever it is that I am right now, and I'm willing to offer that into the fire of who I could become. And the breath that we will use that's really gonna help you with this is just a steady one-to-one breath. And the point of focus that I would like for you to keep this entire practice is the seat of fire, manipura chakra, which is your navel area.

So if you start to notice that you're wandering off into the realm of thinking, you can be sure that you've probably left the sensations of your belly in that realm. So really keep your focus penetrating the sensations there as you move through each of these asanas, and I think you'll have a lot of success and leave the practice feeling really stable and transformed. All right, so we're just gonna dig right into it. I want you to come over into cat and cow pose. Just basic all fours position with your hands right underneath your shoulders.

Your knees are underneath your hips. And on the inhale, I'm gonna lift the chest, expand the breath into the collarbone, simple movements. Exhale, curl and round. Simple movements allow us to access deep, subtle spaces in the body. So as you inhale, draw your awareness to the belly.

And as you exhale, squeeze the navel, draw it up and in. And then on the inhale, really concentrate on letting it all go. Two more, exhale, slight pull of the belly up and in, the chin can drop, you can really get that stretch in the back body, inhale, expand. And now I'm consciously letting it all go, all the tension in the belly. Exhale, come back to neutral spine.

We're gonna transition right back to downward facing dog. So the knees lift, the buttocks lift, hips draw up. Keep your knees bent for just a little bit, as it's the first downward dog of the day. You might wanna bend one knee a lot, kinda twist it, and then exhale, the other side. We'll be using the movement of, all of movements of the spine, but particularly the movement of twisting the belly.

This helps us dislodge any toxins in the organs. It's highly beneficial for our digestive system, but it's also about being able to digest life. Hold downward facing dog, move the breath, inhale deep into the abdomen. Exhale, feel the belly draw up and in, and you can even maybe see in my body, I am consciously lifting that bandha, that binding upward to draw the mind inward. Inhale, then move.

Come down back to all fours, exhale, you're gonna walk your hands back, and now we're actually gonna stand up on our knees, right, just a basic forward bend here, you're gonna extend through your fingertips, lift the arms. And then as you exhale, fold forward and turn your head to one side and really reach through the fingertips as you drop the chest to the tops of the thighs, and then the buttocks are gonna relax down. And really you can build a lot of strength in your back moving really slowly here. Notice I'm staying down low, the arms are sweeping. I find my flowers right here, and then I inhale, come all the way up.

And then exhale, I'm gonna turn to the other side. Really reach and extend through the fingertips. Inhale, keep the navel drawing up and in, exhale. Belly, belly, belly, belly, belly. The chest touches the thighs, and then I link back, inhale.

Navel awareness, exhale. In, belly in. Exhale. Good, last round, really an awareness of the spine, core really toned inward, exhale. Beautiful, and just take a moment to feel.

Press back, downward dog, is my breath even and steady? Where is the mind moving? Keep it dropping into the belly, downward dog. Okay, so in downward dog, remember, these places where we're holding the pose is really our opportunity to work with fire. Fire really ignites in the space of silence and stillness.

As you breathe out, step the right foot forward, and then the left to meet it, inhale, you're gonna come up halfway. Let your throat open, and then as you exhale, drop the chin down. Then the rest of the spine. Let's repeat that two more times. Inhale up, throat's the last thing to lift.

Exhale, engage throat downward, and then release the rest of the spine. This is really great for calming the mind and the senses in the head. Great, find breath, find your belly. Okay, so bend into your knees. Same thing we did before in our virasana pose.

I want you to bring your arms up parallel to your ears, navel draws up and in. Inhale here, exhale, I'm gonna actually slice my hands to the left like a sword. And then I'm gonna bend the elbows. I'm gonna take a full breath here, and then watching my hands, I'm gonna inhale, come back up, I'm still in my chair. Exhale, slice to the right.

Breathe in, bend the elbows. Stay here, exhale, squeeze the belly up. Inhale, I'm watching my hands, I come all the way back. Exhale. Inhale.

Exhale, stay belly up. Inhale, last round. Exhale. Breathe, inhale. Belly in, exhale, deep in the twist if you can.

Inhale back through center. Exhale, fold forward, hallelujah, you're probably feeling your legs, right? So you can move really slow, come up half way, and generate a lot of fire. One more time, inhale. And exhale.

All right, press back again, downward facing dog. And let the breath come back to even, steady, one-to-one flow. Remember, fire is ignited through focus and silence. So from downward facing dog, you can walk both feet forward, some people like to hop up there. Inhale, come up half way.

Exhale, fold. Let's just bring the hands to the hips, root the feet down, a little bend in the knees if you need it. Inhale, come all the way up and raise the arms. Little baby back bend. Exhale, hands to heart.

So let's continue to warm the body. We're gonna just do a couple of sun salutes I will guide you through. I'm gonna inhale, I feel that prana, that life force generated from the belly. Reaching up through the hands, exhale, fold forward. Uttanasana.

Inhale halfway up. Exhale, press back into plank pose and feel like you can really stack the shoulders over the wrists, big lift in the thighs, big lift in the belly, exhale, I'm just gonna come halfway down. Inhale, slowly upward facing dog. Exhale, tuck your toes under, lift your thighs, lift your belly, press back. So in this downward facing dog, whereas in our water class we really moved and undulated with the body, fire's different, fire asks us to remain steady and still in these poses so that we can begin to burn up anything that arises in the field of our awareness as we hold.

So exhale, step the front foot forward, back to meet it. Inhale, come up half way. Breathe out, fold forward. And then inhale, root the feet, bend the knees if you'd like a little bit. Inhale, rise to standing.

Exhale, hands to heart. Inhale. Exhale. In. Exhale, press back to plank, and let's hold it for a second.

Let's really feel the fire of the pose. Belly lifts, legs lift, heart draws forward. Exhale just halfway down, feel that. Inhale, upward facing dog. Stay here, exhale out the air, and just feel it.

Downward dog and hold, find the fire at the belly. You can even visualize flames. And these aren't the flames that burn you to harm you, they're the flames that melt you to bring out this shining quality. Exhale, step forward. Inhale, halfway up.

Remember, chin down and the rest of the spine follows. Inhale, come all the way up. Exhale, and just notice what's happening in your mind. Inhale. Exhale, fold, how is this practice, this way of approaching practice affecting my mind?

Inhale. Mind in the belly, exhale, plank. Hold, feel it, feel the belly, strong lift. Exhale, feel it, inhale, stay. So often we rush this pose, don't be in a hurry.

Exhale, down dog. Adjust your body, but then just steady, steady still. Feel and accept it, mind in the navel. Exhale, belly back. Great, step both feet forward.

Inhale. Exhale. Inhale all the way up. Exhale, hands to heart. And just take a moment, tadasana, just to feel.

Where do I feel the most energy, and then how is this approach to practice affecting mind and energy? So one of the most powerful techniques that I know of for igniting this transformative force is called agni sara. So what I'd like for you to do is watch me, we'll do it together, but then if you want a little bit more of an in-depth tutorial on it, we'll have another practice for you later. So I'm just gonna lift the shirt so you can really see the belly here. I'm gonna inhale in, and I let the buttocks expand.

Exhale out all the air through my mouth. (exhaling) Draw it in. I release the belly, and then I breathe in. So we'll do two more. Deep breath in, exhale out all the air.

(exhaling) Release the belly, then breathe, exhale out. Mind in the navel, inhale, big, full breath. Through the mouth. (exhaling) (inhaling) And exhale, fold and just let the breath recover. Inhale, come up to standing, and now is the moment when you have the most access to fire, so close the eyes or keep them slightly open, and I want you to really just feel the pulse, the aliveness, what's happening here at the belly.

Mm, so you may feel like there's just this expansion of light there. All right, right foot forward, left foot steps back. You're gonna come into warrior one. So I'm gonna inhale, raise the arms and settle into it, and then as I breathe out, I'm gonna bend the elbows wide. Mind in the navel, inhale, raise the arms.

Exhale, belly in. One more inhale. Exhale, belly in. Inhale, now hold. Beautiful.

Now I'd like you to stay in this pose, but then I'm just gonna tilt forward, accessing and hugging up the belly, I'm gonna kinda drag that back foot forward, hover in kind of like a bird hovering the wings. And then from here, I'm just gonna fly forward, reaching the heart forward, pressing the left heel back. Some of you are gonna bring your hands to the hips, good. And so from warrior three, you can bring your hands to the hips. Wonderful here, the arms can come out wide.

If you're feeling a lot of strength in the lower back, extend the arms out in front of you. Any variation's fine, but what I'm really wanting you to feel is that I can kind of hover in, feel the belly, and from that place, launch out. Exhale, fold forward, take your hands down to the ground. And then you can even bend into it again, hover, get the belly, and then press up. Steady the body, come into that element of fire that is this auspicious one that emerges out of this place of silence.

Great, to transition out, let's just bend the right knee, step the left foot all the way back, press back. Downward dog, if you wanna throw in a little vinyasa there, that's fine. Oh, and again, feel it, but then the element of fire is about coming back to my center, literally. Mind in belly. Exhale, step the left foot forward.

Plant the back foot, stay here, feel the grounding, get your belly, then come up. Breathe in, raise the arms. Exhale out, belly in and back. Exhale, belly in and back. One more time, in.

Exhale, belly in and back, stay here. And you can keep the arms wide. For some bodies, that feels really opening for the chest. You can also raise the arms. The longer we hold the poses, the more likely that this mental matter starts to bubble up, and you start shaking with joy.

All right, a lot of that shaking is just sloughing off, right, the old. Now I'm gonna drag that back foot forward, and I kinda wanna hover in on it. Find the belly, and then from here, extend, press out, so it's like I'm moving from that deep right belly through the thigh, and that same place lifts me in the opposite direction. Arms wide out in front of you. You can even bring them back behind you.

I'm more interested in what's happening at the belly, the stability factor, the stillness factor, within the trembling and shaking with joy. Exhale, fold forward. I like to bend my knees here, really feel the belly, and then press up. Find your breath, find your belly, find the stillness that emerges in the effort. Great, bend the knee, press back, downward facing dog.

Good, inhale, come down to all fours, lift your chest. Exhale, press back, downward facing dog. Good, so the right foot's gonna step forward. I'm gonna plant the back foot on the floor, and then I'm gonna turn this foot to face inward, okay? So we're gonna do a variation on a twist.

I'm gonna keep my feet parallel. Inhale, come up half way. Exhale, I'm gonna bend into the right knee. This is kind of the weird part. And if you have a block, you could put it right here or on the inside, you can always use a block for any of these poses.

But I'm gonna take my hand that's normally facing forward. I'm gonna turn the fingers so they're actually facing the opposite direction as my toes. And then I'm gonna slowly start to come into the twist. So eventually my heart's kind of reaching back towards the ocean, as I lift up from the navel, you can see I can start to straighten that right knee. If you need to keep the knee bent the whole time, that's totally fine.

So just feel into that. Then inhale the arm into the air. This is really the apex of the standing poses in this fire sequence in that this pose brings me into direct contact with that belly center. So keep the mind drawing into the belly. Keep the breath, the air of the breath feeding the fire of the focus at the belly.

Good, and then release, bend into the knee, put your hands on your heart and just come all the way up, and just take a second and feel that churning and aliveness that you have woken up. And take a minute and just feel all my concerns, all my worries, all my heartbreak, I can throw into this churning light that I'm waking up in my navel. And then from here, we'll do the other side. So inhale, raise your arms. Exhale, bend into the left knee, take the right hand down.

Remember, you're gonna turn your hand so that the fingers are facing in the opposite direction. For some of us, we can come to the outside of the foot. For my body, I like it better on the inside, I can come up on my finger pads, and I can really get into the twist, which is the most important part. Inhale, extend the arm into the air. Exhale, find the belly, and now steady the mind.

Feel into the ever-changing sensations at the navel. Use the breath to keep returning inside, inside, inside. Good, and then inhale, come all the way up. Exhale, just feel that in the body for a second. Really feel what you've churned up.

You may feel light, you may feel emotion, it may feel good, it may feel terrible, it's all welcome. That first layer, churning off, good. Okay, so let's step forward to the front of the mat. We're gonna transition back through downward dog. Exhale, fold.

And then from downward facing dog, I'm gonna bend into my knees, walk the hands back towards the mat, the back end, and voila, there I am in malasana squat pose. Okay, so from this pose malasana, we're gonna move into a pose called pasasana. And so what I would like for you to do is you can come up, you can even straighten your knees as much as you want. I want you to bring the inner edges of the feet together as much as possible. And then slowly I'm just gonna start to release the buttocks down towards the floor.

So for a lot of bodies, this may be the pose for you. This is an incredibly intense pose. It really opens up all those noddies or meridian lines along the legs that actually have to do with the channels of sadness and emotion in that sense. So it can feel really intense, so just staying here is a great place to be. If you can and you want to take it a little further, you can start to turn it into a twist by shifting the body over towards the left, and I'm actually gonna come up on the heels to get into the pose initially.

And bring the palms together into prayer. Good, and then slowly the heels will relax back down towards the floor, and if they don't reach there, that's fine. So once you are in the pose, I really want you to stay in that squeezing of the thighs, mind deep into the belly, inhale in. Exhale. Great, inhale, come back through center.

If you feel like you wanna take a little break here and straighten the knees, you can. Or you can stay with that fiery intensity. We're gonna move to the other side. Squeezing the thighs, mind in the belly. If you keep anchored in the belly, it's a lot easier.

Good, inhale back through center. Exhale, extend the legs out of the floor, hallelujah. Let it go, and then I just want you to feel, feel what's happening. Feel all that tingling and awakening of prana. Great, so pashimottanasana.

We're gonna do it a little bit dynamically. Inhale, raise the arms. Exhale, I'm gonna bend the knees a little bit, fold forward, take the arms down, and then we're gonna inhale, come halfway up. Exhale, bend the elbows. Mind in the navel, inhale.

Exhale, belly forward. Inhale. Exhale, belly draws up and in, one more, inhale. Exhale, fold forward. So here you are in this pose, and for me, this one is like such a fiery pose despite it being a forward bend.

So much sensation, so much direct interfacing with the past, you know. And so feel into those spaces. Hold that steady, witness consciousness. Feel the belly, no running away. Good, and then inhale, extend through the arms, come up.

Exhale, release, take a minute to just feel the fruit of the asana in your body. Start to notice, how is this particular style of practice affecting my mind. So we're gonna now come into shoulder stand. And I have brought a block onto the scene here. You can definitely use a block to help support you in this pose.

It's way more important that you feel steady and comfortable than to get into any sort of final variation. So I'll show you a couple of variations with that. The first variation we'll do with the block. And I can slide that middle level of the block right underneath my sacrum. It's wonderful, you're getting pretty much 99% of the energetic benefits of shoulder stand using the block.

And then there's none of the pressure on the neck and the cervical spine. So I'm here, knees bent, you can stay here. You're still getting that downward flow of prana in the opposite direction. Or you can start to straighten the legs, and there you are, and this is just a wonderful variation on shoulder stand. Feel free to stay there.

If you wanna take the full version of the pose, simply rock the legs back, bring your hands to the lower back sacrum, start to walk it up to the mid back, and you can kind of just walk from side to side. You wanna be aware of what's happening in the neck, and so keep the back of the head pressing into the mat a little bit, the thigh is still lifted, inhale, I'm just gonna raise one leg. And then I can get a little more leverage. Back of the head presses, right leg lifts. And we're gonna stay here.

I love this pose for the fire practice because look, it's bringing me right into this beautiful direct connection with the navel fire. Steady the mind. Find the belly. And since all thought, all sensation, worry, fear, love, joy, thrown like a sacred offering into that silent witness at the navel. Slowly, slowly start to drop the legs back.

Keep an awareness of your thighs, lifting upwards. The toes might touch. Again, you can kind of walk the upper arm bones together. Keep the legs lifting, so none of this for this practice. Really staying connected to stability here.

Come back to your practice, again, you have your belly right in your awareness field. It's right above the brain. Okay, so come out. Hands plant, stay connected to the belly, roll out, roll out, roll out, roll out, roll out slow. And just take a minute here to adjust.

So often when we come out of shoulder stand, especially if you don't have a regular practice, there can be a lot of sensation in the body. And rather than immediately trying to counter pose it, what I'd like for you to do is just feel it. And don't seize up, feel, oh, that's what was being held. And a lot of times, those sensations when we come out of an asana, if we'll just relax into them, they will go away on their own. And then we can come into counter pose from a place of love and not a place of reactivity from discomfort.

Okay, so from here, bend your knees. Put the soles of the feet on the floor, arms down by your side. We're just gonna move in and out, dynamic sarvangasana just few times, inhale, lift your arms. Exhale, come down, moving on the breath. Even, steady one-to-one breath.

And this time we're gonna inhale, come up, and then lower the arms, hold the pose. Again, move back into that commitment to fire. Body still and steady, mind inward, penetrating, holding and anchoring self at the belly. Good, gently release. Feel it, and then roll over onto your belly.

Shalabhasana. So the arms down by your side, palms facing up. We're gonna stack them on our lower back. On the inhale, I'm gonna lift the head, chest, tops of the thighs off the floor, breathe, inhale. Breathe, exhale, come down.

And we're not rushing the coming down or the coming up. In. Exhale. In. Exhale.

And this time, inhale, come up. You can keep the arms exactly where they are. If you want a little more challenge, extend the arms out in front of you. And now be aware of the inner edges of the knees. I want you to internally rotate them.

I'm extending from the crown out. As the heels draw back, knees internally rotate. This should feel nice and fiery. Squeeze the knees. And then exhale, release, turn the head to one side and just rest.

Really, here we are, deeply feeling in to what is happening, the sensations as a result of the fire ceremony. Turn the head to the other side and rest. Okay, plant the palms. We're just gonna roll back over onto the back. And just a little counter pose here.

Draw the knees into the chest, apanasana, rock it a little from side to side. And then exhale, draw the shins in. Inhale, all you're doing is straighten your elbows. Exhale, draw them in. Good, then hold.

Find the belly. Every time we stay steady in the asana, we invite in that divine witness. Pain, pleasure, whatever is arising, we meet it with that loving presence. Good, all right, so you can use the knee to kind of rock up, and we'll come to a seat. All right, yogis, we're almost there.

How's that fire ceremony going for you? I feel good. So let's bend into our left knee, and I'm gonna take my right foot and bring it to the outside of my left thigh. And so for a lot of bodies, this is it, like you're feeling the juiciness of the pose right here. You can hug the knee in a little bit.

And then if you can, I just want you to bend your left elbow and get it in that little crux here. And you can see, that kind of directs my body over towards my right. And I'm gonna kind of play around for a second in it, pushing the right big toe mound really down into the ground. My right arm reaches back behind me. Okay, so here's what I want you to do.

It's not a super complicated twist, but what I'd like for you to do is I want you to close your eyes, and on the inhale, I want you to turn the head to face forward. You can watch me, but then at home, do it with the eyes closed after you see it. And then as I breathe out, my eyes are closed, I'm gonna turn the head to face back. In. Exhale.

Okay, so I want you to repeat that. On each breath, head turns, and as you do this, I want you to soften, soften, soften the backs of your eyes. Soften the backs of your eyes, and I want you to feel that you can stare out into that dark, empty movie screen of your mind, following that dark, empty movie screen of the mind. Starts to help this unconscious old mental matter start to unravel with the help of the body, with the help of the prana. And now as you exhale, I want you to turn, facing behind you, and hold the pose.

The backs of your eyes super soft. Let your attention drop down, down, down, down into the belly. And breathe out, tone the belly in and back. As you breathe in, mind drops into what now perhaps is like a bonfire in your belly. The bonfire's just eating up, churning with love, everything you can offer it.

The sublime, the mundane, all churned in the fire of awareness. Good, inhale, come back, keep your eyes closed. And then just take a minute here just to feel it, feel the residue, it's almost like you've come out of the pose, but you're still feeling that twist in the body. Good, and then we'll switch sides. Left big toe mound grounds into the earth.

I'm just hugging onto myself. Maybe I'm here, maybe I'm here. Some of you are very flexible. You might wanna go to the outside of the thigh. And then there's this moment, and if you practice for even a little while, you'll feel there's this moment when I'm in the pose, so I can let go of all the endless adjusting and just say that's me, and I accept it, that's enough.

And then inhale. And exhale, and our eyes are now closed. Keep breathing and turning the head. My intention here is to keep the body steady, to soften the backs of the eyes so that I may witness, see that dark, empty movie screen in front of the mind. I follow that as I turn and churn in the pose.

All right, the next time you look back, let's stay in the pose, hold the body, anchor it still and steady, mind soft, backs of the eyes soft. Inhale, let the awareness drop down, down, down the spine, anchored like a flame, like an almond-shaped flame at the belly. All feeling, all thought, old or new, thrown like offerings into the fire of your steady presence at the belly. And take your time to come out. And again, you're gonna wanna spend just a moment here to feel your belly, feel that even though you come out of the twist, there may be a sensation that you're still kind of in an energetic twist.

That is what we call prana. Just feel that pranic release. And then we'll come into this next twist, one of my favorites, bharadvajasana two. So it's pretty simple. I'm gonna come so that I'm sitting on my heels.

And then I'm just gonna shift the whole situation over to the left. So I'm not even, and that's okay, I don't want you to be even, so you don't need to prop up on a blanket here. My right foot, I'm just gonna lift it up, and it's gonna stack on top of my left, so I've got a nice little cushioning there, all right? So then from here, I'm gonna take my right hand, and I'm gonna reach it around to the outside of my left thigh. Now that may be easy for you to do, but for some of you, may just end up right here, and that's totally fine.

So somewhere. If you can, take the top of the right hand, and you see I kind of lifted up, and slide it underneath, that will make it even more juicy and like a bind. Those of you that are very flexible can reach the left arm back behind you, grab for the right bicep, and then you're all bound up and twisted into the pose, and it feels really nice, like you're stable. And then from here, just when you thought you could not get any more twisty, now what I want you to do is I want you to drop your right ear towards your right shoulder, ah. And the right ear towards the right shoulder, you'll see the jaw kind of drops down, chin down slightly.

And do you guys see, you see how even just doing that one action, already that left lateral body deepens into the twist. And you'll get a nice stretch through the trapezius muscles, the mid back, which is a real hard area to get to, even with many of our asanas. Please stay here, steady the body, come back into that exact same beautiful meditation we've been working the whole class, fire at the belly, mind steady, and still anchored in the sensations of the navel. Whatever arises, I meet with kindness and steadiness. Okay, take your time really with this one to come out.

And then especially here you'll feel, oh, there's a difference between the left and the right side, right, one is more alive and perhaps lit up. Just feel that energetic difference, liberation. And then we'll switch sides, so the whole thing just shifts over to the right. I find my left foot, I'm gonna lift it up, and it's just gonna stack right there on the arch of my right foot. And I'm shifted, and that's what we want.

And then from here, the left arm underneath the right thigh. If you did the bind on the first side, you can take that again, but don't take this bicep bind if that means you lose this bind, that one's way more important. So once you're here, now the chin, left ear drops down, chin slightly to the chest, and I'm actively releasing the right shoulder down the back. You'll get a nice, juicy stretch, and then hold steady. Okay, take your time to come out, and remember, coming out is when we feel that liberative force.

Good, and just notice how this practice of fire is affecting the mind. Okay, we're gonna turn so our feet facing the front of the mat, again, just pashimottanasana here, directly into it, so you can bend the knees. Feel that nice drape of the belly forward and grab your big toes, grab the outsides of the feet. Hold the pose, and eventually, the knees might start to straighten. Really let your upper back surrender in this one.

You've done a lot of strengthening work and stability work. Wanna get a little bit of lengthening, more yin energy. Always returning to that place that can never be harmed. The silent watcher. Navel alive with that presence.

And take your time to come up. Again, feel it, notice how this practice is affecting you. And then we'll go ahead and lay down on the mat. You're pretty much ready to go. If you wanna take your knees in one more time, give your body a little love here right before we enter into shavasana, feel free to do that now.

And then when you feel ready, you can extend both legs. Inner edges of the thighs open, inner edges of the feet open, palms open, and just notice how you feel and how energy is moving in you, perhaps really differently than when you began. I know for me I can definitely feel it. So just settle in. Letting go of all control on the breath.

The shavasana just for a few minutes. I really want you to feel this. In the belly, I have this eternal anchor. Some ancient texts describe it as a flame. Some as a multicolored corkscrew of light that can absorb the light of a thousand stars and a million planets and a hundred moons.

So feel your mind in your belly. You can visualize it as either of those two things. And feel that light, that flame. Capacious, it can digest whatever you're going through right now. So I really want you to feel that you can pause the video and just be here as long as you want.

This beautiful practice is really the medicine we all need so much right now. Feel free to just luxuriate in this belly fire as long as you need, but when you do feel ready to come out, we'll just draw the knees in, roll to the right, take a little second there to feel that integration. And then press up. And let's come to a seat to close. Let's place our hands on the belly, just paying honor to that force inside that does have the power to go through and learn the valuable lesson from life's experiences.

Hari om, namaste.


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Katie* You are such a gem. So glad I could catch the other classes on here that I missed at the Crib.
wonderful practice! Love the fire sequence and focus on navel.
Yet another transformative class, Katie!  I was fighting off a cold this morning and this class reignited my insides—and so much more!  Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Great focusing on the fire in the belly!
A wonderful practice 🔥

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