Asana Studies: Grounded and Expansive Heart
Suniti Dernovsek

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Dear Suniti Thanks you very much!!
You are welcome Lady Luz!
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I know this is labeled as Iyengar, but I'd say this is much more Anusara-inspired in my opinion! Beautifully led, thank you Suniti. I'll be sure to check out a few of your other classes.
Awesome! Thank you Tanya!
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Beautiful sequence and just the right amount of instructional pointers - blending physiology with awareness. Your own movements are wonderfully mindful to observe.
Thank you Suniti - I love the idea if the energetic relationship of the heart and hands.  Our hands are what we physically experience the world with - lovely to keep that consciousness of the heart connection.  Especially today in Washington State where we are cleansing them constantly (-;
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Beth thank you for sharing and yes what a close relationship we’ve all developed to our hands. Beautiful to hear your share. Thank you. 
I am always so thankful for what you share and how you share it. Sometimes I feel like I can see with my whole body after your classes.
elisabeth Hi! I love it! Sensing  with your whole body! Thank you for sharing. 
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Suniti- I liked the tips and routine and the ideas about opening the heart. I especially loved the handstand. That was the best ever! Looking forward to seeing you in my classes
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