30 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 1: Just Show Up
Robert Sidoti

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Hey there Glenford !! So happy you’re back here!! Self discovery👌🙏🏽🧘🏻‍♂️
Hi Robert. It's a pleasure. The best 20 minutes of the day.
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hey! thank you! really heard "show up as you are" . it is the permission we need to give ourselves as we are starting on a path to change. xx
Thanks Robert Sidoti ..1st session was great..I usually struggle with my knees as they have grade 3 Chondromalacia and my R hip is always in pain...I did the 1st session quite well and hope to make it to the end of this challenge
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I just today signed up with Yoga Anytime, and completed day 1 of this challenge. I've been practicing yoga for many years, though for the last 12 or so, I've been doing it on my own. Actually, I haven't even been doing that much, if at all, thanks to some small injuries here and there. 
I can see, from this very first day, that I have lost some of the basics regarding poses. I really love that this is more than just a challenge to get you started, either as a beginner, or for someone trying to get back into yoga. It's perfect for all levels, because it can really help to get more connected to the poses, and to your own body. I'm really thrilled I found this site, and this challenge. I'm really looking forward to the rest of the month. 
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Meagan SO great to hear you have restarted your practice, and are grateful we can help in any way!  This a fantastic challenge with which to renew, and we are so glad you're enjoying it.  Please continue to keep us updated on your progress!  So happy you're here! ⭐️ 
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I started Yoga many years ago probably 20 years ago and I have randomly done it. But It always felt like a fast start from 0 to 100 and I think I got some insecurities along the way like " I'm not flexible enough and I am not going to make it". What I like about this challenge is that it feels like the slow start I always needed. Step by step. So I'm giving myself the gift to start again the yoga journey in an easier to digest way. Thanks   :)nice first day.
Hello Nurelia and welcome 'home' back to your yoga practice! I'm happy this practice and challenge seem to be a good fit for you now - please keep me posted and let me know if I can help you to stay focused and move through to the finish :)) 
All my best, Robert
Hey there Meagan !!! This comment was from 2 months ago - are you still here on Yoga Anytime? I know I message and respond to another Meagan, maybe that's you and you are still here?! Either way - how are you feeling? Body moving toward feeling strong, flexible and open?  I'm always here, Robert
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Robert Sidoti Yes, I'm still on Yoga Anytime. I'm actually still working my way through your 30-day challenge (embarrassingly). Once we started with this whole lockdown (I live in Denmark, where we started lockdown earlier ((I think)) than in the US), I've been struggling to find the time and focus to get to my daily practice. With both my husband and son home, in our small apartment, it's been a challenge on its own.  I'm on day 18 now, but still keeping with it. It's such a wonderful challenge you put together! I notice a huge difference in how I feel mentally and even a bit physically when I practice several days in a row.

My hypermobility creates its own challenges as well. For example, I simply cannot, no matter how in shape, fit, and muscular I've been, do one single push-up. My shoulders don't aline right to push me upwards. But I can do chaterunga quite well, so that's what I focus on when you are doing push-ups. I move from the chaterunga into into a cobra or upward dog.  I also have to be careful to not hyper-extend my fingers, or my knees. Not because I'll injure myself, at least I haven't yet, but because it's something I'm supposed to work on in my practice- according to past yoga teachers, and physical therapists. 

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I'm still here, and thoroughly enjoying this site, and your challenge. Thanks. 
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