45 Minute Yoga Flows: Inner Freedom Flow
Rosemary Garrison

Watch this Practice
I'm so happy to hear this, Anda S ! It's always a good sign with the animals are relaxed. ; ) Enjoy!
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Hey Rosemary: 

This was soooo much fun. 

I look forward to learning from you. I watched your micro-movements in the hands and toes. I think you are often preparing for the next asana. Would that be accurate? 

I moved my mat perpendicular to the screen, so to better check my form when we reversed to the back of the mat. Thanks for the shocks to my nervous system. I am a bit self-conscious with the OM (I assume that's natural for a neophyte), but your intensity and authentic love of Yoga is contagious. 

Can you direct to me to your first season? You have so many videos, and I thought that since this was Season 1, I had found the right place. But from the comments and date of publication, I am obviously wrong. 

Thank you, David! I am so happy to hear this and appreciate the thorough feedback. 

The subtle movements in hands and feet are for strength, support, balance. Yes, sometimes it is in preparation for the next asana. Lovely noticing!

Most beginners (and long time students!) are uncomfortable with the Om. I say do what feels comfortable and know that it's not about making a "pretty sound," but rather about using your voice to clear some channels, creating resonance and- some say- honoring the original sound of the Universe!

I am not certain what my first season is called. I'll reach out to the YA team and let you know. 

Be well, R
Hey, David Goldstein , I forgot the @mention button. See my reply above!
What a great class, Rosemary! Thank you very much for sharing it with us! I really enjoyed doing it although I couldn't do all the things in it- I wasn't flexible enough to put the leg over the shoulder and strong enough to do that flying asana- it looked like a miracle to me! I hope that one day I'll be able to do it! Kind regards from sunny and hot Croatia! 
Thank you for your warm words, Sandra Židan ! It's all a miracle really, isn't it?! ; ) Kind regards to you in Croatia! I have never been and a dear friend is planning to go this summer. Would love to make it there someday. Be well. 
What a beautiful practice. Thank you!
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