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Season 1: with Alana Mitnick

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Lets wake-up to the beauty of this life through the practices of yoga. In this 6-week course, Alana offers beginner yoga practices, tutorials, and tools to support you through the start of your yoga journey. Together, we expl... (more)

Bridgid M
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I'm looking forward to beginning this journey ~ Namaste 
Alana Mitnick
Bridgid, So delighted to be practicing together. Please stay close and let me know how the journey is unfolding for you. Wishing you a beautiful and spacious new year. Namaste, Alana 
Anne S
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Great stuff -I've been looking for something that will build up a bit as this does. I've found often it's either total beginner or too fast. But this seems just right. I love that I get a chance to really listen to how I feel as I do the poses - both because of the répétition AND because the pace is set for self observation. I"m in good shape,but  not particularly flexible and I have tightness in left hip due mostly to overpronating which I'm trying to fix. So it is important that I have time to make sure my posture is good and my arch not collapsing while I move - difficult with a fast pace. However I DO need some challenge to strength which we do get a taste of in these classes - a thing sometimes totally absent from beginners classes.  So thanks! - Anne
Alana Mitnick
Hi Anne! It's wonderful to hear from you! Thank you for being here and sharing. Great observations! Seems like you have a strong internal awareness and relationship with your body and overall sensation. Moving slowly, listening, investigating and track the feeling is really the essence of Yoga.  Stay close and let me know how this Course is working for you. Warmly, Alana 
Lucee R
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I have just signed up and i'm going to dive straight into this 6 week course. Yoga is something I have always wanted to get into but I have never found the right teacher. Hopefully this is just what I need Thank you for putting this together :) 
Elizabeth M
Welcome, Lucee!! We hope you love this course! Alana is the best! ❤️ If you need any other recommendations, you can reach out to me too at  So glad you're here! 🙏 
Alana Mitnick
Hi Lucee R, So happy that you are here! Please keep me posted on how this course is feeling and working for you. I still find that the most difficult part of Yoga is just starting... and then the magic flows. I look forward to hearing from you! Warmly, Alana 
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