20 Minute Yoga Flows: Rhythmic and Steady Flow<br>Sarah Lowe

20 Minute Yoga Flows: Rhythmic and Steady Flow
Sarah Lowe

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Meagan P
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This flow was exactly what I was hoping for! My body didn't feel like it wanted to do much today,  so I really wanted something somewhat gentle, yet that still felt like a workout.  Plus lots of stretching, and poses my body knows well. This hit every mark!
Sarah Lowe
Meagan this made my day! Thank you for sharing, and practicing with us! 
Glenford N
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Thanks Sarah. This practice hits the spot every time! Namaste.
Katarina V
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Thank you! 🌺
Sandra Židan
Nice practice! Thanks, Sarah! Regards!
Sarah Lowe
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Sandra Židan thanks for being here! 🙏🏻
Lillian M
Hi I wanted to think you for this practice. I am trying new yoga classes. I enjoyed this.
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