Active Recovery Yoga Challenge: Day 4: Hands, Forearms, Adductors
Lydia Zamorano

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Lydia Zamorano that does make sense to me. It was taught to me as a "rule" - but with SO many differences in our physical expressions, it can't apply universally. Asking participants to self-monitor instead of blindly obey is much more "yogic" too. Thanks for this thoughtful response to my question!
Kate You're welcome! 
love this practice :))
Fabian H Happy to hear that Fabian! Warmth, Lydia 
I am loving this series, thank you! One question about the Janu sirsasana variation: I have trouble keeping my opposite sitz bone grounded while also  leaning away from my outstretched leg enough to feel a stretch. Any tips?
Diane NM Hi Diane! Thanks for reaching out with this question! Have you tried actively pressing the lifted sitz bone down? Another thing you could try is moving the angle of your torso in different directions to look for different sensations of stretch. I often will outstretch my torso in front and to along both legs. You can play around with this and search for sensation and release! 
Another one is using a sandbag (I have a 10 pound one that comes in really handy, or you could use a big bag of rice!) to give you a more passive assist. Let me know if that is supportive. Warmth! Lydia 
I've really enjoyed stretching the wrists and fingers. I've expanded my repertoire of hand exercises!
Lina S So glad you like these hand exercises Lina. I practice these almost daily to support my hands and wrists, and they have truly allowed me more freedom. Best, Lydia
Yes, more please. Honestly, given my history with bike crashes psoriatic arthritis in toes and fingers and knees, it is like these videos were made for me. Glad others (comments above) lover the same things. “Let the healing begin”
David Goldstein So happy to hear that David! I can relate! Being a rock climber, this practice is essential for me. Warmth, Lydia 
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