Yoga and the Somatic Experience with Suniti Dernovsek

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In Season 1, we connect to and become curious about our relationship with the 5 elements: Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Space. We invoke the qualities of these elements in fluid and dynamic movements, explore different tempos ... (more)

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Such a beautiful course  more like this / from Suniti please! Gentle flowing strength and release, in touch with the ground, sky and what it means to be a human being. Wise, soulful and freeing. Truly delicious.  
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Julia, what a lovely photo of you! Thank you for sharing. Yes, we agree. Suniti, is a precious gem. xok
Wow! So beautiful Julia. Thank you for this share and for practicing with me!

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Oops I didn’t intend to post that photo but hey...! Really love the way you teach, Suniti. Your pace and gentle playfulness. And the more sensitive aspects and explorations you introduce ☺️ 
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Julia,  Hah!  Well it was a nice accidental picture share. Loved it!
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This class was a gift to my Being. Thank you very much, from Sao Paulo/Brazil.
Hi Analuiza S, It feels like a gift to me too. To be here and to be in love with practice. I'm so glad you are gifting your being.
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This was such a lovely practice. I look forward to practicing with you again, Suniti. I hope there will be future seasons!
Thank you Michael S!  Season 2 was just released a few days ago. I hope you enjoy it!

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